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I think it would be harder to be a Sikh than a Jain in a contemporary, first-world country such as the U. S. , Germany or France because the Jain religion follows almost the same teachings as Christianity such as honor and respect for life. The Jain religion, also known as Jain Dharma, is an ancient Indian religion that follows the teaching of the 24 conquerors, or Jinas (Fisher, 2005). This religion teaches that each individual is responsible for all his acts.

In addition, this religion also teaches that every living being possesses a soul that lives forever. These souls are perceived to be equal hence the followers of this religion respect and honor the nature of life. The Sikh religion, on the other hand, follows another path of belief. The Sikh religion is also another ancient religion originating from Northern India that follows the teachings of the gurus or the Sikh Dharma. The principal teaching of the Sikh religion is meditation, in order to attain salvation (Singh, 2006).

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The religion thus campaigns for an intimate faith and relationship with God. An individual that follows the Sikh religion will have a harder time living in a first-world country because he has been taught to deal with his god alone and not with the rest of his surrounding environment. In the first-world countries, there are lots of exposures to different ethnicities of people, as well as different backgrounds and attitudes.

Since the Sikh religion is mostly about a one-on-one relationship with their god, the Sikh follower will not even be concerned about his relationships and actions towards his neighbors, friends and any other people around him and he may provoke violence or harm but he will never realize that such action is not acceptable to Christians or to any society in a first-world country.


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