The anthrax crisis - Sample Essay

I am going to compare how three different newspapers, ‘The Independent’, the ‘Daily Express’ and the ‘Daily Star’ reported on the anthrax crisis on October the 18th. Firstly the ‘Daily Express’ is a tabloid, like the ‘Daily Star’, were as ‘The Independent’ is a broadsheet newspaper. The ‘Daily Express’ use word like ‘Nightmare’, ‘terror’, ‘tension’ and ‘gunned down’ on it’s front page, this is done to try to show how serious the event is and may even be trying to cause a panic.

This is a very similar method used by ‘The Independent’ as it use words such as ‘fear’, ‘attack’, ‘war’, ‘guard’, ‘bio terror’ and ‘murder’ to imply war and to give a sense of fear and panic. The ‘Daily Star’ uses the words ‘infected’, ‘threats’, ‘cripples’, ‘attacks’ and ‘terror’ to put it’s message across, to show how serious they thought the anthrax scare was. All three papers use the method of using emotive language to show how much of a threat the anthrax scares are.

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An international fear is created by words used in both ‘The Independent’ and the ‘Daily Express’, which refer to several different places in the world. The ‘Daily Express’ uses words such as ‘U. S. ‘, ‘Middle East’, ‘Israeli’ and ‘Britain and the World’. ‘The Independent’ uses the words ‘World’s’, Israeli’, ‘New York’ and ‘U. S. ‘. However the ‘Daily Star’ does not create a sense of international fear, as it seems to have a slightly calmer, more laid back approach to the article.

The headlines in the ‘Daily Express’ are short, sharp bullet point, this method is used to get the point across quickly and directly and also to catch the reader’s eye. The letters are big and bold; this is used also to catch the reader’s eye. In ‘The Independent’ the headlines are very similar in the way they are laid out, the headlines are big and bold and to the point, to catch the reader’s eye and to get the point across.

Also within the ‘Daily Star’ the headlines are short sharp and straight to the point, a great example of this is the headline, ‘Anthrax Cripples’. All of the papers use the same type of headline, short and sharp, as this is an easy way, both to catch the reader’s eye and to get the point across. One of the pictures in the ‘Daily Express’ on the front page is of a man in a gas mask, this implies that their could be a third world war, this would cause a lot of panic and make the article seem more serious.

However the picture in the article in ‘The Independent’ is of part of the Capitol building, this is very calm, and is used to lessen the panic of the article and to calm the public down. The picture in the ‘Daily Star’ is also very calm, it is of the Congress building in Washington DC, it is also used to lessen the panic of the article. The picture in the ‘Daily Express’ is very different to the pictures in both of the other papers, this may be because of the image the ‘Daily Express’ has or maybe because it feels the anthrax scares are a lot more serious than the other papers do.

The font page of the ‘Daily Express’ is taken over by the anthrax story, just as ‘The Independent’ has it’s front page over taken with the story, this shows that these two papers both feel that this story is very important news that the readers must know about. In the ‘Daily Star’ however there is no mention of the anthrax story on the front page, as it is covered by celebrity gossip, this may be because of the audience the ‘Daily Star’ is aimed at may be more interested in gossip than news about a bio war.

Out of the three papers I fell that the ‘Daily Express’ and ‘The Independent’ are aimed at the same sorts of people, people who want to know what’s going on in the world, rather than celebrity gossip, were as the ‘Daily Star’ is aimed at the sorts of people who want to know more about what’s happening in celebrity’s lives, rather than what is going on in the world, and I have proved this by pointing out and proving many differences and likenesses.



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