Ronaldo and brazil - Sample Essay

After this search for multiple criteria Iwent to the first link that came up. It took me to the following page. This link took me the above page whicgh is basically about goal Ronaldo scored against turkey in the world cup final. This site did provide me with some usefull information about the world cup, brazil and Ronaldo. I used some of this information and pictures in my final presentation. * The text and pictures I found on this site where usefull as they provided me with images and information about the world cup and facts on Ronaldo and brazil.

This kind of material was important to me as I need it to create my website which is about the profiles of the brazilian football team. Also this material will give the viewer a good idea of what the site is about I;e The brazilian team if I use this material on my home page. After the above search I done another multiple criteria search. This time I typed in A specific search : Brazil football pics. This also gave me numerous links. I visited one of the links which I found usefull as it had a great deal of good quality pictures. I have pasted some of them below.

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From the first multiple criteria search I will use the text that gives information on each of the players. For example (Josi?? Vi?? tor Roque Ji?? nior – born 31/08/1976; height: 1m86; weight: 76kg; team: AC Milan (Italy); A very tall, strong and quite skilled, but quite unreliable defender, Roque is one of Scolari’s favourite defenders; in fact, he gained his fame while playing with Palmeiras during 1999/2000, and their coach by then was the same Scolari. After leaving Palmeiras, Roque Ji?? nior went to join AC Milan. He’s most likely to be in the World Cup list, and shall have a hard battle with Edmi??

lson for the starting position. Etc I will use the above text and several similar pieces as this will help me give information of each of the players in the brazil team. Also this information is usefull for profile making which is what I am doing on my website. These are some of the many pictures I will use on my site.. etc These are some of the pictures I will use on my. These will be usefull because I can use for example ronado’s picture on his profile page which will be usefull as it will show the viewer a image of the player whose profile they are viewing.

I am not going to use this picture because it shows the Australian team more than the Pakistani team and that is not what my site is about. I typed in football players in the search engine at www. google. com and the above images came up. These images are useless to me as they show rugby players. I need football players images. These key skills are very similar to Key skills 3, 5 and 8, however, for 3, 5, and 8 you have been working with images and text that came from the ICT sources. For these Key skills – 16 and 18 you will be working with text and images that you found as a result of searching. This is a very important difference.

IT has helped me a great deal on this presentation as it has helped me to correct my spellings aswell as giving me a variety of different words in the theosaurus. Also I was able to save my work and produce many copies by a click of the mouse. I was also able to cut and paste text/ pictures from a number of internet sources which helped me a great deal. I was able to work quickly and more easily. I was able to protect my work from viruses and breakdowns of the computer aswell as making more copies incase it got lost. I was also able to see the errors I made as a red underline goes under the erro in spelling.

For example. I could have also done this presentation on Microsoft Power point. I tried to do my presentation on power point and found it easier and much more appropriate so I decided to put all my work onto Power point. The work I will hand in to my teacher will have been done on Power point. The scrren dumps on this report are taken from my Microsoft Word Presentation. My power point presentation shows all the key skills that were to be met. I have copied and pasted various pictures and text from various sites on to my website. This has helped me to improve my site by bringing in more information.



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