Rhetorical criticism paper based on sociological approaches - Sample Essay

In September 1995, Hillary Clinton delivered a speech on women’s rights by forcefully and rhetorically thrashing out the supplication that engulfs the globe at the United Nations Fourth conference on Women rights in China (Gaer & Broecker, 2013). In diplomatic terms, the artifact was not only important in its ability to touch on critical issues facing women but also assisted in promoting the diplomatic ties and friendship between Beijing and the United States.

In fact, Hillary Clinton in her speech made a great contribution to the current efforts in fighting women discriminations by managing her persona through her effective and strong reasons for speaking as well as the aspect of making her rhetorical role dominate the message (Dufty & Leeman, 2005). Seemingly, in the same point of view, this research paper aims at exploring the ideal critical approaches of describing the artifact and critically establishing Clinton is symbolic reasons for delivering the speech as well as her methods for making the rhetorical role dominate her message.

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The Reasons for choosing Hillary Clintons Artifact

In rhetorical terms, I chose the artifact based on Clinton’s personality, the subject that was critically touched by topic, the irony of the host city as well as the fact that the artifact is rhetorical in nature. The speech is a vivid contribution to the main agenda that women are the ame as men as long as they can serve similar tasks.

According to Prosser and Sitaram (1999), Hillary Clinton’s Speech expressed her assertiveness and her capability to provide solution to complicated tasks by employing rhetorical criticism especially in matters of societal concern. In addition, the speech expresses Clinton’s strong pursuit for women’s rights as she confidently employed rhetorical criticism as she confidently contacted the audience in September 1995 (Dufty & Leeman, 2005). As a matter of fact , Clintons discourse was that Women are Human the same as men and their rights should be a priority bearing in mind that the host city “ Beijing” was involved in numerous issues related to women discrimination.

Hillary Clinton’s speech, like other historical rhetorical speeches, placed a basic platform for the present and the future generations to re-examine their words and actions towards women. With its basic moves of rhetoric; that is symbols, choices, and helper, thins and not being specific is evidence that the speech uses all the basics of rhetoric (Howell, 1997). For instance, the rhetoric portray women as a symbol to gain human rights and by the speeches statement of that women should be empowered narrow down the choices by not offering detailed solutions to women rights (Burgan, 2006). In other words, Hillary Clinton offered the speech and the arguments without offering a specific solution to the matter (Sitaram and Michael, 2004).

The context of the artifact

The goals of Hillary Clinton in her rhetorical speech were to promote the idea that women have the power to take greater control of their own destinies as they have the same capabilities as men. She used the concept that women’s rights are human rights hence there is no grounds for violating them by indirectly requesting the public to uphold them (Burgan, 2006). According to different analysts of the speech, the speech addressed the issues of women’s abuse in the Chinese environment without directly criticizing the public. In a societal approach, the speech was very significant to be passed in Beijing, as it seemed to please the host due to its avoidance to directly criticize them in their verge of massive human and specifically women’s right exploitation.

Description and critical approaches

Use of Judgmental approach to rhetorically establish and describe the artifact stands firm in this context. Hillary Clinton in her Speech used different significant judgmental approaches critically to show the world the importance of upholding women’s rights. The employed approaches included; the factual strategy, the desirable approach, the adjudicative approach and the directive approach (Gilmartin, & Brunn, 1998). Most importantly, she set up her credibility for delivering a speech touch on a global critical subject as well as raising public attention to women’s rights alongside emphasizing on the specific purpose of the United Nations Meeting in Beijing.

In the rhetoric speech, Hillary Clinton approaches the idea of letting able women attain the heights of their success by giving them a chance to access credit that will serve as their point of improvement. To reinforce the importance of her subject matter, she offered substantiation that women across the globe suffer from unfair treatment as she stares.

As Hillary Clinton delivered her speech, the aspect of adjudication arose when she requested everyone to consult some formal code of behavior and consider how a particular behavior measures up as far as understanding the right and the wrong. For example, she stated “No one- no one should be forced to remain silent for fear of political or religious persecutions, arrest, abuse or torture.” Furthermore, the approach in these vocalizations prompts the listeners to put strong attention into the strapping statement before getting involved in any judgments. In this manner, Hillary Clinton strongly performed the speech’s approach an aspect that enhanced her expressiveness by building her façade (Whiticker, 2009).


As an activist for human and particularly women rights, Hillary Clinton spoke forcefully and charismatically at the United Nations Fourth Conference on women’s rights by rhetorically making comments on reiterating significant comments on issues related to women’s abuse through giving specific cases.

In a broad spectrum, Hillary Clinton used number of rhetorical role management theories, social approaches as well as rhetorical speech strategies to make the speech more successful as well as a tool for inviting the audience into the real world battle for the respect for women’s rights. Hillary Clinton through the speech realized the importance of integrating women in matters of global concern and more specifically in the worldwide human rights establishment. Essentially, she dedicated considerably some part of her speech to rhetorically prove how and why women’s rights were human rights. To sum up, the rhetoric is what Clinton used in Beijing to reform the philosophy of human rights hence a significant approach of changing the way reality is viewed in the global viewpoint.


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