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During the videos there is music playing in the background. In the animal aid video there is a soundtrack that is repeated over and over again. It is just one note repeating it’s self. This works well with what is put on the screen. The cancer research videos soundtrack is totally different but creates the same effect. It is an emotive soundtrack which plays all the way through the advert. This music creates a much better effect that just the picture. If you mute it, the advert doesn’t have as bigger effect on you than it does with the music playing.

The animal aid video contains a lot of expert opinions. There are ex-vivisectionists and vets and doctors who speak out about vivisection and basically say that it is wrong and that it doesn’t work. They have used expert opinions people are more likely to listen to experts rather that a narrator. The cancer research video does not contain any expert opinions. The two videos are different in this way. During the animal aid video there is a lot of alienation in what they say. A lot of the times they refer to people as “they.

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” This makes them as if they are bad and that they don’t belong with anyone. Throughout both of the videos different camera techniques are used to also give different effects. During the animal aid video there are a lot of extreme close ups. They do this to create emotion. In the animal aid video they zoomed in on the animals that were in distress and went close up on the heads. This creates emotion because of the animal being sad. In the video they also use a lot of panning.

In one scene the camera starts at one side of the room and pans all the way across looking at cages. On screen this makes it seem that there are an endless number of cages. During the cancer research advert panning and close ups are also used. There are some close-ups on sad faces of people who have lost a loved one. Also during the advert the camera pans around a room with a number of people in it. It does this so you can see everything in the room. Overall the videos are quite alike with loads of similarities.

However due to the animal aid video being much longer than the cancer research there are many more techniques use during the animal aid video. I think the videos are extremely effective overall and really do have an effect. The cancer research video is very emotive and creates effectiveness this way. The animal aid video isn’t as emotive but uses techniques to make it very effective. The two organisations also have logos which are shown throughout the videos but mostly in the cancer research video.



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