Report on designing an application form - Sample Essay

I am going to be writing a report for Lifestyles application form as the managing director has asked me to produce a report about it to compare, describe and evaluate. I will talk about several different things within the application form, which will include: Talking about the layout, purpose, good and bad points of writing style, good points of the presentation style, suitability for purpose and use of house style all within the application form.

Name Of Document: Lifestyles application form Layout: The application form is a size A4 portrait. Most application forms are on A4 and this is a good idea because Lifestyles cover all their white space, they make use of white space. If they used A3 there would be too much white space being wasted and if they used A5 they would need more than one page to fill all their information on, therefore size A4 is a suitable size to use on a apllication form.

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The application form uses tables, which can easy divde the context to not confuse the customer, also using tables can be easier to understand than if the text was just line after line. The application form does not use a boarder or any images but this may be because they want the application form to look formal and not full of boarders and images which may make the application form look informal.

The application form uses its own colour scheme which is: Blue,White and Purple on the application form which Lifestyle also use on all of their documents, including their website, Brochure and any of documents. The Application form does not use any bullet points but does use tick boxes, for the customer to tick which can save them writing like yes or no. The application form looks like it has been proof-read well, all capital letters are uses where suppose to, like on subtitles etc.

The application form is set out in Subtitles, and then when they go on to talk about another part they put a new subtitle in big purple letters, so you can see it and it is easy for the customer to see and understand. The application form is only A4 size on one page, so it’s not too big and won’t be so time consuming, so it will encourage the customers to write the application form where as if the application form was like three or more pages longer a lot of people may not be bothered to write all of the information down.

Purpose: The purpose of the application form is to encourage the public to use Lifestyles leisure centre. The aim of the application form is for the customer to put personal information about themselves down like: Date of birth, mobile, address and email etc. Once the customer has filled in all the detail needed for the application form, the leisure centre will then keep your information and may send you the latest offers etc to your address or email. The main purpose of the application form is to try and get your custom.

If you ask for an application form, it shows you are interested in the leisure centre therefore once you have completed the application form, the Leisure centre know you are interested, and therefore will send you their latest offers etc to try and encourage you to visit them which is the purpose of the application form, to attract more customers and doing this they will be promoting themselves as more people who visit their leisure centre the more known the leisure centre will become.

Good points (Writing Style) The application form looks like a formal document, it uses formal words and formal language, and for example it uses all the correct punctuation and no abbreviations. It is also very clear to read, they separate the text where it is a different subject, and also use big subtitles so the customer can see and easily define what is what. The font is a suitable size; not too small so you can’t read it and not too big so it takes up the whole page.

The font used is also very clear, there is no joined up writing it is just a basic font style which looks formal and is easy to read. The application form also uses basic words so everyone can understand, like no technical words that people who only specialise in sports would know and is also does not use any abbreviations ( apart from one) so everyone can understand the text. The form uses capital letters where suppose to and the correct punctuation and grammar is good, there is no spelling errors.

There is also no colloquialism in the application form which keeps the document formal. Bad Points (Writing Style) The only bad thing about the writing style of the application form is uses an Abbreviation. It says the following: Membership number ‘LDD’. Some people may not know what LDD stands like I did myself, which I had to look up the meaning of which took time and some people may end up leaving that question blank because they may not have the time to be looking up what abbreviations mean.

The bad thing about using abbreviations is; not all people know what they mean but also most abbreviations have more than one meaning like LDD does. For example here is a list of what LDD could mean: Learning Difficulties and Disabilities, Laser Diode Driver, Logic Design Data and a lot more, so it is important not to use abbreviations. Good Points (Presentation Style) A good thing about lifestyles is they use the same colour scheme (Purple, blue and white) for every one of their documents including their application form.

Using the same colour scheme for each of their documents is good because people can easily recognize what document it is and it shows they take care with their documents and will put time in to make the effort to make all the documents look the same and important. The application form also uses tick boxes so the public can tick the box which saves them writing and will save them time and more people will be encouraged to complete the application form because you only have to tick the boxes not write sentences after sentences. Suitability for purpose

The aim of the application form is to get the customers details, like address etc. Doing this allows the leisure centre to collect personal details of the public and can advertise their offers etc to them because they can send them a email or letter since they have their personal information which will attract more business for the leisure centre. The application form is doing what it is suppose too, because it is getting the customers personal details and can then contact them to promote their business and try getting more customers.

Some application forms require you to put your bank details in but lifestyles application form does not require you to do this. This may be because a lot of customers don’t feel the need to put the bank details in and a lot of people may think they may be getting scammed and so people won’t fill in the application form. Not having the requirement to put your bank details in, may encourage more people to fill the application form because they know it is safe and are not going to charge them any money. Use of house style The use of house style is used a lot in lifestyles application form.

The application form uses plenty of colour which is the colour scheme of the company (Blue, purple and white) Lifestyles uses the same colour scheme on all of their documents including their website, Brochure, application form and any other documents they have like membership cards. Each of these documents also has Lifestyles logo on. It is important each document has their logo on each document because then people can easily recognize whose company it is by just looking at the logo. A logo is important and it is good to say Lifestyles uses it on each of their documents which will aid and promote instant public recognition.

The website and the application look more or less the same because they use the same logo and colour scheme which is good because it shows the company is neat and organized. Suggestions for improvements Overall the application is at a good standard and it is hard to find something wrong with it. The only thing I would tell them to improve and not to use any abbreviations so just in case everyone will be able to understand what it means as some people may not know the abbreviations and also abbreviations are considered informal and an application form should be formal.



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