Reflective Essay on My Experience of Working for an Organization - Sample Essay

As a management student, I have partaken various management positions in various organizations in the past years since commencement f my studies. Having been born and raised by an entrepreneur, I have had forehand experience in management from conducting managerial duties in my father’s establishments from a tender age. My experience in managerial work and classroom education has enabled me to directly face aspects relating to management such as the role of qualified managers in management and the roles of both business management and education in shaping a qualified manager. Also, the tension between academic theory and practice, and the effect of this in financial and corporate stability and crisis states (USCB, 2012).

Working at Xyz company as a junior manager meant that I was responsible for managing the rest of the subordinate employees in the branch. Human resource management techniques in academic theory enabled me to allocate specific stations to each employee according to their qualifications and output abilities (Buckingham, 2010). However, I realized this was not enough as most require to be directed while others had bitter complaints about the work stations allocated to them. Here, I realized the importance of possessing quality leadership skills such as being a god communicator and persuasiveness. This enabled me to save time through ensuring I persuaded every employee of the importance of their stations and how to conduct their work in time.

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In the very beginning week I was allocated a project that required to be complete within the week. It involved the management of a large resource base and reporting at the end of every day. Needless to say the time was not nearly enough, but we made it. This I base on academic theory skills learnt on resource and time management in completion of a project. However, this would not have been successful on its own without the possession of management quality skills. The exercise tested my ability to deliver under pressure, beat deadlines, and application of creativity in the working strategy to make the little time work for me; such as cutting on unnecessary steps. These I hold due to the experience I have had over the years in managerial positions.

Conducting managerial activities in Xyz Company meant that I was accountable for both employees and the completion of tasks (Tuomi, 2004). This means that in the event of non deliverance by an employee the manager is held accountable (Williams, 2013). This meant that I found myself pitching in on other sectors in the company when employees fall sick or the manpower fell short. Positions I helped out in ranged from accounting, marketing, sales, to documentation. Through academics in academic theory I had the skills to conduct most jobs related to business administration and management. However, it is through work experience I was able to conduct other more specialized activities such as sales and marketing. It is important for individuals to be well versed in variety of fields present in the job environments for them to be effective managers (Wright, 2007).

In my period of working at xyz, I used to be part of the weekly managerial, meetings that would be conducted every Monday morning before commencement of work for the week. It is the responsibility of the managers to brainstorm the past weeks activities, challenges, and their solutions as they outlay the platform for the week’s activities. Tension would arise most of the time in view of differences in view.

While some stick to doing things by the book as stipulated in academic theory, these proved to not always work (Cameron, 2010). I realized managers require possessing the qualities of innovation, open-mindedness, and compromise. Through previous work experience I had learnt on how to use the internet in to effect cost effectiveness. This is such as through conference calls instead of physical visits to distant places, and conducting online marketing amongst others in business. The application of these in my work earned me recognition in performance for two of the weeks I worked there. Additionally, the internet is a rapidly evolving technological tool that is very vital for business in culture (Hofstede, 2013).

While academic theory specifies strategies and applications for the internet in management, everyday greater heights and innovations
crucial for management are achieved. The application of these is very crucial but not all managers can. Those who do apply them as I did, possess prior experience and exposure in their use in other fields and organizations. Furthermore it requires good managerial qualities of flexibility, innovation, and risk taking (Jacob, 2013).

In view of my working experience in various field and tasks at Xyz Company, I can attest that good management practice depends on both academic qualifications in management theories and field exposure. As I experience, in management one faces situations that require the application of both, or the flexibility or abandon one for the other in ensuring that the tasks objectives are met. As such, to be successful manager one requires both academic skills and experience in the field (Porte, 2006). Only qualifies mangers in preferably both of the two ensure for successful management practices.


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