Recruitment and selection - Sample Essay

This becomes a challenge to both administrative and teaching staff. Recruitment and selection should always aim at being fair, reasonable and consistent; however some may view it as a challenge if their needs are not met. For example, some individuals may argue about gender equality, even when there are a small number of a certain gender have applied.

In order to maintain efficient and successful educational workplace for the staff, there should be recruiting on merit and suitability without considering sex, race, disability, marital status, belief, age, color, religion, ethnic, sexual orientation or national origin or any other factor which is justifiable. In order to attain a well equipped staff, the personnel department will be faced with the following challenges:

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Establishing the need for recruitment A proper human resource planning policy should be in place to establish new vacancies and old vacancies when required. This will be completed by examining the current structure and work distribution. c. The selection process d. Proper process should be used in selecting workers for an institution and should always be fair. e. Retention of staff. Retaining recruited staff in an organization can be very challenging if proper remuneration and motivational procedure is not used. L. LEADERSHIP FOR SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL REFORM The teacher or leader is vital for successful school reform. Let us analyze the traditional leadership.

Leadership is defined as the ability of an individual to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute towards the effectiveness and success of organizations of which there are members. Leadership impacts the effectiveness of costs, revenue generation, services, satisfaction, earnings, market value, motivation, engagement and sustainability. Leadership is also ability of an individual to set example and lead from the front. Types of Leadership One can categorize leadership as actual or potential. Actual Leadership is the guidance or direction which provides satisfaction for members under their guidance.

This type of leadership can be through occupation of an office or be used in a position of authority and may include the president of a country, the chairman of a society of a group or a leader of any group. Even some managers who may not have good qualities of a leader may find themselves in leadership positions. Potential Leadership is the ability or capacity to lead and possess leadership abilities. This type of leadership is not accrued from the position one is occupying but from his natural qualities. People follow this type of leader because of their ideas or position in society. An example of a potential leader is Bill Gates.

Leadership can have an aspect of being formal or informal. There are several types of entities that may provide leadership in terms of actual or potential: A person in position or office of authority such as a chairman or prime minister. A person in position or office associated with expertise, skill or experience such as a facilitator. A group or person in the vanguard of some movement, as in fashion or trendsetters. A product that influences other products. Leadership can come from an individual or a collection of group leaders, while other instances of leadership offer mild leading skills, such as inspirational leaders.



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