Raisin in the Sun article summary - Sample Essay

The Article ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ as timely as ever’ by Robert Hurwitt

Hurwitt recognizes the fact that it was and still is a great play and more importantly a life-changer notably for its role in creating a new experience to life for millions in America in urban ghetto and Blacks. They play changed the face of theatre and national consciousness throughout America. Unfortunately, the great impact and significance of this landmark work of art was not recognized for many decades and the play has in most cases not been effectively represented on stage. The original play is, however, an electrifying production and representation of the socioeconomic constraints that characterized the urban black families as well as the stereotypical portrayal of a lifelong diversity of the black aspirations and ideas. In this context Hurwitt likens Hansberry to a bridge between two distinct activist generations of Luther king, Stokely Carmichael, Malcom X, and Baraka and that of Paul Robeson, Du Bois, and Hughes.

‘A Raisin in the Sun’ inspires spinoffs and debate’ by Patti Hartigan

Hartigan echoes Hurwitt’s sentiments concerning the position of the play as a masterpiece. The play has to date continued to exhibit its impact and is currently sparkling a re-energized debate concerning race relations in theatres both locally and globally. This is partly attributed to the proposition that it was inspired by Hansberry’s own experience with housing discrimination and racism. It represents the relationship between three distinct generations and their timeless desire to improve their lives. It centers on the territory and turf inflammable issue, one that persists to date.

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The two plays champions the important role that the play played and continues to play in presenting black experience in an era marred by racism and black struggle. The play in many ways has changed theatre and the struggles for equal representation.


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