Racial Discrimination Affects Social Work - Sample Essay

As mentioned earlier, the six practices which are designed to at least control racial discrimination within and outside the social groups, have been already applied by many social workers and were proven effective as they have observed the effects of the practices both on them, their organization and the community. In the book “International Perspectives on Social Work in Health Care: Past, Present and Future”, Auslander mentioned that: “the social practices around the world have been exceptionally developing during the past few years.

The fact that many social workers are already able to successfully work within a highly culturally diverse group, the level of excellence of social services provided internationally are known to have been developing as well” (1997, 16). Yes, because of the fact that many social workers already recognize the importance of racial equality in aiming for the best results of social services, the relationship between the community and the Non Government Organizations have been strongly enhanced during the past years.

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In this regard, it is simply rightful to say that as researchers of social work and racial discrimination have concluded, “the right handling of disputes give best results” (Feit, 2002, 3). Aside from this, it could also be said that in many cases, self-control and self-discipline helps a lot in the implication of equality within the activities of social work.

The ability of a certain social crew to divert his thoughts of racial discrimination to a healthy thought of cultural respect of diversity naturally helps that worker to become fairer when it comes to his treatment towards his colleagues and the people of whom he serves. As obviously seen, the studies performed by the researchers and social work experts helps us understand the deeper issues which social workers have to face in their profession.

It has been clearly shown though their works that racial discrimination is an expected source of dispute between colleagues in the social work systems. However, although this is the case, many social organizations still manage to deal with the problem and thus get considerably fine results for their hard work. It could also be added that in many ways, turning dispute into becoming a bridge towards a closer bond between the differences and uniqueness each person possesses compared to others helps a lot in making a peaceful and more concerned society to exist.

(Hoefer, 2006, 18) Surely, the consequences of having been able to meet and survive the challenges of combating racial differences has a very great effect on how social groups deal with their communities. This is the reason why it is most advised by the researchers that further studies on the matter should be generated in an aim of further increasing the capability and the credibility of social groups in providing social help.



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