Psychology and the society - Sample Essay

Since its inception as an area of scientific study in human mental procedures, thoughts, and the human life, behavior, psychology has been developed along a number of schools of thoughts that have enabled better understanding of the human life. A large part of psychology is devoted into looking at the mental wellbeing of the human mind, thus concentrating on mental health. Through this area, psychological methods have been applied to solve common life problems such as enhancing productivity, reducing tension, anxiety and depression and even motivating individuals to improve their self worth and get motivation to do better.

In another field through an application of a different school of thought, psychology has been used to solve social problems, such as controlling and containing criminal behavior, solving crimes through behavior analyses and preventing crimes through prediction of behaviors. All this is an indication that psychology has been directly involved in social issues (Cherry,n.d).

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In the contemporary society, where scientific inventions, technological advancements, highly commercialized society and parenting challenges are dominant, psychology has been active in clarifying and solving major issues in the society. Application of psychological theories has been actively used in different sectors of the society, such as in education, health, security and crime and even in business. It has been applied to solve problems, prevent losses and most importantly it has been essential in clarifying blurry concepts to bring out best results for all in specific societies.

The application of psychological procedures and theories and schools of thought has taken a long and challenging journey to be what it is today. However, it is evident that the thoughts of theorists and scholars who developed different theories and concepts in psychology did remarkable work in collecting and ascertaining their information. The concepts and ideas they developed have been very essential in the society today (Plotnik &Kouyoumjian. 2011, p.4).

The society can be defined as group of people who are distinguished from others due to common characteristics in terms of common interests, institutions, relationships, commitments or a common culture. A society is basically a group of people what will be joined together by a common belief or a common unit which acts as a core from which relationships are developed. The world is made up of different society, each individual belongs to a certain society, one that serves specific needs and that helps them to get along in life as a normal human being. It is while in the society that one shows their traits, gets involved in activities that address the different needs in human life. Behaviors, which are motivated by impulses and human thought, processes, define the direction taken by different individuals in the society (The Free Dictionary,n.d).

Psychology on the other hand is a scientific field of study that involves the study of the human thought ad behavior processes. Through the application of several theories and schools of thought, psychologists are constantly involved in research and studies in a bid to understand, explain and predict human thought process, and where possible predict behavior to solve social and personal problems associated with these processes. Psychology is based on two Greek terms, Psyche which means life and the Sophia which means love for knowledge. It can therefore be seen to be motivated by the need for man to understand life, hence the need to understand human behavior in relation to life, which is intertwined to the act of living, hence human thoughts and behavior(Plotnik &Kouyoumjian. 2011, p.4).

Therefore, it is evident that the society is a cluster of people, joined together by common goals, common relationships or shared factors that motivate them and bind them together. Additionally, it is also clear that human thought processes and behavior occur in the context of the society. It is in the society where individuals will distinguish between normal and abnormal behavior, it is also here that individuals will observe recurring and spontaneous behaviors when they occur. Therefore, it is in the society where the concepts studied in psychology naturally occur. It is also here where psychologists carry out their procedures to study and research and predict human behavior hence help the society to have a clearer and better understanding of the human mental composition, how it functions in different environments and which reasons motivate such behavior.


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