Psychological disturbance - Sample Essay

The study involves the determination of the prevalence of the domestic violence comparatively on three different groups. The sample population is composed of the white American population, African American population and the Hispanic group. It means that stratification of the included population is an important step in the research process. The sample population shall be divided into different age groups namely 15-20, 21-25, 26-30, 31-40 and people that are above 40.

Through the simultaneous determination of results through different ages and different population groups, different points of view regarding the results can e given. In addition to the data that are presented an overview of the historical effect on the results of the study, thus, results shall be analyzed on the basis of the different periods of time. Contribution to the Field An essential consideration in the study is the ultimate contribution of the results in relation to the quest for the resolution of the problems on violence and violations occurring in the household.

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As one of the social issued that have detrimental effects in the society, domestic violence is needed to be understood and properly defined to be able to present distinct and concrete demarcations and notions that can empower the public to be able to fight and prevent the persistence of cases of violence. This can be perceived as the practical application of the research on domestic violence (Wilt and Olson, 1996; Johnson and Kishor, 2005)

Due to the extensive nature of the issue of domestic violence, there are different aspects that can be considered. These aspects are the medical and the social facets. In relation to this notion then, results of the study can be considered of importance on both the social research and the medical research groups. The medical angle can be considered due to the fact that domestic violence can be considered to be a health condition. The violators and the perpetrators of the crime are usually those with psychological disturbance.

The social aspect on the other hand can be recognized on the basis that domestic violence can be considered as one of the most prevalent social problems that are given attention both by the authorities and private organizations. It also stirs concern of both the local and the international concern (Roberts, 2002; Shipway, 2004). These are some of the possible contributions of the research that can be conducted on the issue of domestic violence with the main focus on the women of different regions in the United States



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