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Furthermore, minor focus will be on the European Union impact and its influence on the island and the economic results of this since 1974. This evaluation will help to show the differences as well as the problem points. In the final chapter the future of Cyprus will be discussed and will include ideas about internal and external perspectives in order to make the final point. Hopefully, by this plan for the research, the causes behind the separation and the reasons for the continuing separation will be reveled and the project will be completed in success.

Objectives The purpose and objectives of this study are to :- To analyze why the division of Cyprus between Turks and Greeks is continuing to the present day. To investigate the background of the division and the reasons for it. To demonstrate the link between European Union and Cyprus. To evaluate the future of north and south Cyprus ‘United Cyprus States’ To illustrate the problem of economic factors and problems of Cyprus. This project will consider the history of Cyprus together with its economic importance and its geographical position.

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It will investigate the differences between the two sides in this long running dispute, including their individual motivations and reasoning, including looking at events in the years immediately before the 1974 crisis. It seems that in order to succeed economically the island should provide a united front. Is this necessarily so? Could peaceful co-existence be the answer? It is now a generation since the worst of the troubles when people were forced to give up their homes. Do the younger generation want things to return as they are or are they settled in the new areas?

Is this a racial and cultural difference or is it more to do with political ideas and religious ones? Questions such as these will be considered. Methodology A study of various documents including newspaper reports of the various events that have taken place, especially since 1974 and comments upon these. Also looking at the problem from various points of view:- Turkish, Greek, historical, up to date, political and economic. Introduction Cyprus is the third largest of the Mediterranean islands. Nowadays it is officially the Republic of Cyprus and a member of the European Union since May 2004.

A map designed for visitors reveals nothing of the turmoil therein. All is not perfect however. The majority of inhabitants fall into two ethic and religious groups – In January 2008 the country adopted the euro as its currency, thus bringing it into line with much of eastern Europe and countries such as Germany and France. It has many attractive features, including historic monuments, varied scenery and a year round equable climate and the country is promoted as a holiday destination All is not perfect however.

The majority of the inhabitants fall into two groups divided by religion, race, culture and language, ethnic Greeks who belong to the Greek Orthodox Church, and Muslim Turks. This split has led to many problems over a considerable period of time. In 1974 this inter communal split led to an attempted attempted coup d’etat by Greek Cypriot nationalists whose aim was to annex the island the island to Greece. At that time a military junta was in command in Athens and it seems that their input were the main impetus behind the attempt. Turkey reacted by invading the island and occupied the northern third.

This meant the displacement of many thousands of Cypriots because of the establishment of a separate Turkish Cypriot political entity in the north. The results of this event are still having their effects on island life a generation later. People are growing up on either side of a divide – a divide in language, religion, culture, politics, loyalties. Yet there are many communities around the world where people of very different backgrounds manage more or less peaceful co-existance despite huge differences. Why can Cyprus not be one of them?



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