Police Writing Skills - Sample Essay

Although some writers, including police writers, are born many have acquired the skill after writing for many years. Much like education in general, learning to write does not stop by completing a training course on writing. Rather, it is a continuous process in which experience and passion serve as your fuel to master the skill. Many police officers can benefit from taking writing courses, of course, with the support from the police department he/she is assigned in.

Upon graduation, only a few officers get to proceed to post-graduate programs especially when they begin taking full-time jobs. However, with effective time management, this problem is easily resolved. There have been hundreds of police writers who have written a variety of literary materials that portrayed the life and works of police officers. These are truly inspirational and help eliminate the perceived negative reputation of police officers today.

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Excellent written communication skills in police officers provide them with a diversion from their typical workload of fighting crimes amid a growing and more complex urban population. There are three areas of education where police officers can improve writing and behavioral skills, including police “leadership”, “management” and “administration”. By learning these key areas, police personnel can gain more insight on “understanding on how police organizations function in our society”.


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