Peter Pan - Sample Essay

Tinker Bell: Is the Peter Pan fairy. She brings up Peter, friend accompanying him and protects him in his adventures. Though sometimes ill-tempered, spoiled, and very jealous and vindictive (getting the Lost Boys to shoot arrows at Wendy), at other times she is helpful and kind to Peter. Fairies cannot fly in the rain but can enable others to fly by sprinkling them with fairy dust. 2. John and Michael Darling: They are brothers of Wendy. They go with her and Peter Pan to Neverland. 3.

Lost Boys: They are boys who fall out of their prams when the nurse isn’t looking and were lost by their nannies in places such as Kensington Gardens. Having gone unclaimed for seven days, they were whisked off to Neverland, where they live with Peter Pan. They see Peter as their leader, since they are all younger than he. They are: Nibs, Curly, Slightly, Tootles and the Twins. There are no “lost girls”, because (as Peter explains) girls are much too clever to fall out of their prams and be lost in this manner. 4.

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Smee and the Pirates: They are the crew of the Jolly Roger at the command of Captain Hook. These include Bill Jukes, Starkey, Mullins, Cookson, Alf Mason, Cecco, and so on. Boatswain and Smee is Captain? s right arm. 5. Tiger and the Indians: Ocelot is the young princess Piccaninny Clan. It causes jealousy and envy of Wendy and Tinker Bell, because he is in love with Peter. In other books, her love for Peter is re-directed to John. 6. George and Mary Darling: They are the parents of Wendy, John and Michael, are as responsible adults.

George works in a bank and cause some surprise or fear of Wendy. What your children do not know is that George was a friend of Peter Pan and one of the founders of the Lost Boys. Concerning Mary, mentioned in the book has a “special kiss” on the cheek led to someone special that also has the same turn and Wendy, his daughter Jane. NARRATIVE PROGRESSION: The narration is lineal. The parents go out and the children go to bed. Wendy has hidden the shadow of Peter Pan. He enters Wendy’s room and invites her to travel with him to Neverland.

In Neverland, all adventures happen in one night. When de Darling brothers come home, they must go to sleep. LANGUAGE The language is simple. The book is easy to read. There are not complex language, the book is intended for children and performed by children (Wendy, Peter Pan, Lost Boys … ) that recognizable words for children. PLOT Peter Pan is a magical boy who refuses to grow up. He lived in Neverland with other children, the Lost Boys. Peter Pan meets Wendy, a girl that lives in London, when he is looking for his shadow.

Peter flies into the window of the Darling, because he liked the stories of Wendy, but Mrs. Darling who sees before Wendy and her brothers. Shortly afterwards he is mentioned as the child care and guide the souls of dead children soon beyond. Peter Pan brings Wendy and her brothers to Neverland, an away place. Here, they meet the Lost Boys and they are a lot of adventures, with the pirate Captain Hook. Darling brothers wish to go at home. Wendy invites Peter and the Lost Boys to come with them so they can be adopted.

Peter refuses because he does not wish to grow up. Peter Pan went to London with Wendy and his brothers. Peter asks Wendy to return to Neverland with him, and Mrs. Darling agrees to allow Wendy to go back once a year to help Peter with his spring cleaning. Peter returns for Wendy any years, and he find that years have passed and that she is now a married woman with a daughter. The most important conflict is save Peter Pan from Captain Hook. He wants is save Peter Pan from Captain Hook. He wants to kill him because he lost his hand with the crocodile.

Other conflict is save the princess Picaninny, that she is kidnapped by Captain Hook. DIFFERENCES: Peter Pan of Oz Vs. Film There are not many differences between the James Barrie story and the first movie edited by Disney. A big difference between the book and the film is that, in the book, the Lost Boys leave Neverland and grow up, but in the Disney movies, they are merely tempted to do so, and change their minds eventually, choosing to remain with Peter Pan. In Return to Neverland, which takes place many years later, they are still with Peter, and have remained children.



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