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The writer, to jazz up the newsletter a bit and to fill up some of the space has used graphics and pictures. This is effective because it means the pupil can see what is happening from a picture rather than trying to explain it. Graphics have been used throughout the newsletter to show pupils what the College looks like. Newsletter number 3: First View Newsletter Reader/Audience This Newsletter is aimed at School children and their parents. This means it must be able to interest both generations. It does this by creating puzzles and things for the children to do, as well as information presented for the parents.

It tries to unite both of them by putting stories at the back for parents to read to their children. The writer aims the style of the language at the audience that is going to read the newsletter, mostly parents of the children. However some language is geared towards the children themselves. The Newsletter looks as if it has been done on a word processor initially and then took to a printers to be printed off because of the amount of pages, however it does have a professional look about it. It has been printed onto A3 sheets of standard printing paper.

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This shows that although it has been done a word processor on a pc it isn’t cheap and horrible and time and money has been used to get it printed, it hasn’t just been run off a black and white printer at home. It still looks quite professional, but not as professional as the Redditch Newsletter or the college newsletter. This is mainly due to no colour. Purpose of newsletter The Purpose of this newsletter is to tell the parents of the children what is going on in the school and the events that are being planned to do with the school, like the school fair.

The newsletter gives dates of events and keeps the parents informed of useful information and events. Accuracy and Readability The Newsletter is very clear and easy to read. It consists of 8 pages printed back to back, which is more than the other two newsletters. The writer has used medium sized text to fit all the information on the pages without squashing it in. The writer has also utilised the white space effectively, filling up with pictures, graphics and cartoons. The Newsletter is very accurate and contains no errors at all.

The Newsletter has used the correct language and style for the reader that it is aimed at. Thesaurus The Writer has used no complex vocabulary because it is aimed at small children. The choices of words have been chosen well to suit the audience. It is hard to find the right words to use to talk to both small children and adults at the same time, however this reader has done it well. Occasion/Suitability for the purpose The newsletter is suitable for the purpose because although it is not professionally done, it has the look that time has been spent to make this newsletter look good.

It gets the information across to the reader and combines fun and games to keep the smaller reader entertained as well. Setting the scene The title is in black and white but does contain graphics. The words have been set out in a variety of ways including some on a slant. Bold type and different sized text has been used to make words stand out. Writing style The newsletter has a good writing style as it firstly entices the reader into looking at it anyway by giving it a nice title and adding graphics on the front page.

It then keeps the reader interested by offering fun games and puzzles to join in with. There are sometimes competitions to do as well. The different layout of text over the pages is a fun way to get the information across. Short sharp sentences keep the reader holding on and reading on. Although there are a lot of pages the words are broken up into blocks and paragraphs so there is not really as much there as you first assumed. Colour The writer uses no colour at all. However there is graphics and pictures in grey scale throughout the newsletter.

The writer makes use of the pictures and graphics however because of cost is forced to print in black and white. Graphics The writer, to jazz up the newsletter a bit and to fill up some of the space has used graphics and pictures. A lot of the pictures are cartoons for the young reader to look at. All in all a good newsletter. 3 Conclusions Having researched the 3 newsletters above I wish to make the following comments. I would consider these points before I make my own newsletter: 1. Audience, aim, content – I would ensure I had a clear idea of who my newsletter is to be aimed at.



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