New fast food restaurant - Sample Essay

With reference to the local area, would the opening of a new fast food restaurant represent a sound business proposition? Preliminary information The aim of this assignment is to accertain whether a `fast food’ restaurant would be a viable industry in the local area. I understand the term `fast food restaurant’ as a business that provides short waiting times for food – usually lower than 5 minutes. Although this term encompasses many different types of business, the food is usually cheap relative to other `sit-down’ restaurants and is used as a convenience stop rather than for very high quality food.

The customer expects to be able to arrive, buy their desired choice of meal and have the choice of leaving with their purchase or staying temporarily to eat. The customer does not expect a high level of conversation and excepts that the staff are isolated with regards to the speed of production. The customer also expects that the staff are informed and have the appropriate knowledge to serve and distribute the orders efficiently and competently.

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Due to the nature of fast food, the only employee that has personal contact with the consumer is the `face’ of the business and must therefore be able to answer questions on all aspects of the available items. This is unlike other restaurants where the expertise may be divided into groups due to the specialisation of the item or the quantity of information needed – for example a Semillon (wine waiter) will have specialist knowledge of the stocked wines. As well as this, fast food restaurants also have no `set’ rules – socially or otherwise that dictate what is ordered. It is perfectly acceptable to order only an ice-cream or drink – usually associated with the end of a meal or the addition of something else.



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