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Ajesh Mehta uses a Nokia 6600 mobile phone and has had his mobile phone for over 3 years. Even though he rarely uses his mobile phone, he has kept it for emergencies and sometimes to call his boss about his work. At work he hardly ever uses his Mobile Phones, as he is not allowed to use them at his work. But he sometimes uses it to call his boss and ask about his work when he is away. For example, once his boss left early and he had to ask what format he had to do his report in. He used his Mobile Phone to call his boss’s Mobile Phone and find out what he needed to.

This helped him out a lot because if he didn’t have a Mobile Phone, he would have had to go out and look for a pay phone and by the time he would come back his work hours would be finished. Or he would have had to wait for the next day when his boss comes back, which would have wasted quite a lot of time. Mobile Phones have affected his working styles a bit. Now that he has mobile phones, he can call anyone anytime he wants. But it has now become a distraction for them when they are working. That is the reason why his boss doesn’t allow them to use their Mobile Phones when at work.

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Personally, he uses his Mobile Phone to save phone numbers, keep reminders, call his friends and keep in touch and also send text messages. He has a lot of relatives in this country so whenever he wants to call them he can just check their numbers in his phone instead of looking through an address book which takes more time. Before when he didn’t have a Mobile Phone, he had to face the same problems. If he had to call a friend but he wasn’t at home, he had to go to find a payphone to call or he had to wait until he reached home and then had to call him.

But now if he has to call a friend for any reason, he can call them anytime he wants through his mobile phone. Another advantage of using Mobile Phones that has helped him out a lot is that he can be reached anytime. If he is somewhere out and his family doesn’t know where, then they can call him on his mobile phone and find out where he is. Ajesh Mehta admitted that he has got a short memory, so he uses his reminder facility to keep reminders about what he has to do and also at what time.

Once he had to go on the Internet to find out about something at a specific time, he forgot what he had to do and so that work was left uncompleted. After this he started to use reminders on his phones. He also uses his Mobile Phone send text messages his friends. He has got a 02-gini sim, which allows him to send 300 free text messages month. He sends about 10 messages everyday. He normally sends them to his relatives about daily day life and also just to ask about what else new has been going on round their area because they live far from where Ajesh Mehta lives.

The problem with this is that he has started to be addictive to these sending messages, which wastes a lot of his time. Mobile Phones have affected his personal life because now many things can be done faster although there are things which waste your time like useless text messaging. Basically he says that if he didn’t have a Mobile Phone, his life would have worked in a completely different way. Internet Ajesh Mehta uses Blueyonder Internet. He is very fond of it because it’s cheaper and faster than the rest Internet Service Providers that are available for him.

At work he uses Internet to put his report on their company’s website. One of the advantages for putting their report through Internet on the website is that their other members of staff could view it directly through their company’s website. As they have got their own member’s area which can only be opened by one password which only the members of staff know, no one else can view it. Another advantage is that if the report or their work is small they could put it on the website because there is no point of putting it on the CD.

But the advantage for this could be that there is no real point of putting them on the website because they already have a copy of CD of the work that they put on the website and not all the people have internet at home. Internet has affected Ajesh Mehta’s working styles because when he puts the work on the website, he doesn’t feel like working anymore and thinks that he will do that work at home which will affect his personal life. It is also a kind of distraction with his work.

For example, when he is uploading the files on his website, he will go on other websites which will waste his time and will affect his concentration. So basically, there is good as well as bad effects on his working styles. Ajesh Mehta uses Internet at home for lots of reasons. He uses it for Shopping, Researching and downloading films as well as songs. He uses Kazaa which allows him to download songs, pictures, videos and also films. He goes on the Internet to go on Kazaa to download songs because, as I said before, he likes listening to new songs.

But he also downloads films sometimes. This way he can get new songs for free and it is all on computer so he can listen to them whenever he wants to. But the advantage of this is that by downloading songs and films from Kazaa sometimes contain viruses which could ruin his computer; and also that getting songs from the internet only means that he can only listen to it on the computer unless he puts them on a CD which would get scratched very easily. An alternate for this could be that he just buys a new audio tape or a CD which would be original and good quality.

He also uses Internet to research lots of things, for example to find a route from one place to another. He says this helps him out a lot because he doesn’t have to sit and find the places in a road Atlas when he can just type in the name of the place and the route and get the route. But as they say, there is always bad where there is good. This also has disadvantages like; we don’t always get the way that we want and most of the time we don’t get the shortest way. The most important use that he makes of the internet is online shopping.

He shops online a lot for example, buying things like Printer Ink, audio CDs, and Computer Softwares etc. The advantage of this is that he can buy lots of thing through internet and he doesn’t have to waste time to go to the shop and buy them. This just gets delivered straight to your houses. But the disadvantages are that your have to give your personal details to get them to your home. You have to put in your address and your credit card number which could get very bad.

So by balancing both of them, I would suggest that he should go to the shop and buy them. Also by buying through the Internet, he would have lots of free time which would make him do unnecessary work or he will eventually get bored. Internet has affected his personal life because as you can clearly see by the examples, he has got a lot of use of the Internet. If he didn’t have internet, I wonder how much money he would be wasting. By internet he has saved a lot of money. Although he has to pay i?? 13.

99 every month, he can get songs for free, get things delivered to his home which saves him his petrol money and he has lots of fun, so I would say it is worth having Internet as a part of our life. Conclusion In conclusion, I would say that Ajesh Mehta has found ICT greatly helpful in his life and I would wonder what he would do without these technologies.

He would probably find his life very hard to cope with without these technologies, which has helped him improve his working style as well as his personal life. PRATIKKUMAR MEHTA Centre No. 14334 Candidate No. 0216.



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