Managment Case Study - Sample Essay

1. In our view, Pope John Paul 2 the CEO of the world’s largest organization-Roman Catholic Church- is following the “Goal Approach” in evaluating the effectiveness of this huge organization. As his press secretary stated “He wants things to be done”, so he emphasizes on achievement of the goals by telling his subordinates what to do and letting them do their jobs. 1. The Curia: It is using “Systems Resource Approach” to measure the effectiveness of Church. It is concerned with how they are handled being an important sub-part of the system.

Pope’s attention gave them the sense of purpose and a feeling that effectiveness depends upon successful interactions and dependency on others’ activities. 1. The Parish Priest: A parish Priest is using “Goal Approach” to measure the effectiveness of the Church. They just emphasize on the end results. Until and unless schools, hospitals and orphanages are working smoothly and showing results; they think Church as an entity operating effectively. 1. The Typical Catholic Layperson: In our view a Catholic layperson evaluates the Church’s effectiveness by the performance of the clergy.

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A common Catholic will just want the Church to follow all Catholic principles and give him/her the output in terms of guidance and problem solution. Q2) Describe Catholic Church’s organization today. Has this structure changed under john Paul’s leadership? Ans) Catholic Church organization comprises of: It is the same structure that was in place ago but the main difference John Paul’s leadership has brought is the replacement of most Italian Clergy in Curia. It has given the administration new ideas and a complete turnover. Q3) Are there other ways to structure an organization of the size of the Catholic Church?

Ans) Restructuring this huge type of organization is almost impossible. Its very difficult to alter that wider span of control or to centralize it. The only way to improve this structure (In my view) is to appoint teams working independently just to have a check and balance on the performance of the clergy without involving in their duties. Q4) What has John Paul done to improve the church’s effectiveness? Ans) Showing his excellent leadership qualities, Pope John Paul has invested a great amount of time travelling around the Globe and making his subordinates aware of their respective duties they had to perform.

Using Goals Approach, he has clearly outlined each person in the organization the work they had to do and has given them a sense of purpose. By involving in their work, improving coordination amongst the members and taking their inputs, he has certainly improved his organizations effectiveness. Q5) Compare and contrast the pope’s role in the Catholic Church with the job of corporate CEO, such as Lee Lacocca at Chrysler corporation. Ans) The Commonality between both the CEOs is their devotion to their work, the way they understand their organization goals and the way they want those to be achieved.

Both renowned for bringing a turnaround in their respective organizations when it was needed the most. But the main contrast in both the characters is that one is a CEO of a profit organization and the other being the head of a religious nonprofit organization. Both are pursuing different ultimate goals. One seeks to achieve the goal of profit maximization while the other seeks the maximum satisfaction of his followers and the strict implication of his religion. Both follow the same strategy but their domain is totally different.



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