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The Mirror and The Times are very similar. The Mirror has small easy-to-read paragraphs. It has a lot of informational pictures, so even if only the pictures are read you have an idea of the account. The main headline is concise, very factual and monosyllabic. There is a small picture next to the headline, it is a picture of a cable car, zoomed in to isolate it, underneath it say ‘DEATH CAR: 300ft plunge’ and underneath the headline there is a picture of the scene after the accident, like before and after pictures. The picture showing the affects of the incident shows a picture of the ruins of the car, just a heap of metal on the snow.

In the caption underneath it says many victims were ‘crushed by the huge metal hook which held the doomed cabin to the cable. ‘ There is a third drawn picture, which shows how the incident happened. It show the aircrafts wing catching the cable wire, and a small map of where in Italy it happened in the middle of the picture, it has small captions of writing across the picture in relevant places, it says that one cable car ‘crashes 300ft to the ground’ ‘a second cable car is left hanging’ and ‘the pilot makes an emergency landing’ it is a clear precise illustration, which tells us who, what, when, why and where.

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It has a sub-heading, ‘Brits tell of horror in snow’ which refers to the young couple interviewed in the report and has a pull quote ‘It opened up like a cardboard box’ this pulls you into the report making you interested and want to read about it. The Times has a layout similar to The Mirrors. The main heading reads ’20 die in cable car after jet cuts wire’ this too is monosyllabic. There is a picture above the heading, showing a close up photograph of the scene of the accident, in this you can see clearly what is left of the car, and it shows how damaged it is. This also has short paragraphs.

It also has two pictures at the bottom of the article. One is map of where about the incident happened, and the other a photograph of an EA-6B Prowler jet, to show what had caused the accident. Newsweek has a very different layout to the other to reports. It gives off a boring impression, there are no pictures or pull quotes, just the main heading, which reads ‘Blood on the Snow’ which gives no immediate indication to what the article is about, and a sub-heading reading ‘After a U. S. fighter jet clips a gondola’s cable, killing 20, Europe questions America’s character.

‘ The rest is all writing, with long paragraphs, unlike the other articles. There are no pictures or a lot of information about the incident in the headings because the Americans do not want to publicise the incident. I think The Times puts the whole story across most effectively, although The Mirror tells a lot of information it is very one-sided. The Times puts both sides across well, and still suggests the full horror of the incident. It has a good use of similes, which adds successfully to the dreadfulness of the accident. The language used and factual information given also help to make it easier to imagine what happened.



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