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Two examples of newspapers on the market at the moment are: “The Sun” and “The Independent” They fit into the criteria of either Tabloid or Broadsheet. “The Sun. ” is the Tabloid and is owned by Rupert Murdoch, owner of a multinational corporation. “The Independent” On the other hand is part of a smaller scale firm which is owned by John O Reliy it s distinguishable features and headlines class it as a Broadsheet. “The Sun. ” on the other hand focuses on a lot of gossip, celebrities and sport- especially football. The language is much simpler and doesn’t go into as much detail as a broadsheet might.

The language used by “The Sun.” varies to that of “The Independent. ” “The Sun. ‘ uses informal language and the news articles aren’t as detailed as those from “The Independent. ” To be “The Sun. ” also has a tendency to hyperbole the article to make it sound worse than it actually is. The broadsheet gives you a more in depth and thorough read of the information it puts forward to you whereas the tabloid is a lighter newspaper to read as the newspaper doesn’t have words that require a high standard of understanding of the English language and the articles are not too detailed so you can have a quick glance and get the idea of what is happening in the article.

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Whereas the broadsheet is laid out in a specific way with columns the articles are also packed with detail which gives a detail insight of the story but they require longer time to read. There is also a clear contrast between the masthead of “The Sun. ” and that of “The Independent. ” Has a clear masthead. The letters are printed in black and the background is white. This gives us the impression that it is a proud newspaper in terms of the way it is presented as the letters are in bold capitals which makes it look strong and proud.

The font used is quite formal and in a way shows heritage of the newspaper as you relate this type of font with an old style of writing. This type of font is appealing to them consumer as it is very formal and gives it a “no nonsense” very unique newspaper theme. The masthead of “The Sun,” in comparison to “The independent,” Is quite different “The Sun. ” features a red background and white bold letters. The title is situated at the top left of the page which leaves the rest of the masthead to be occupied by advertisements and competitions, such as “lotto” advertisement and free tickets to France as part of a prize draw.

This has an effect on the consumer as they might be encouraged to purchase the newspaper in order to win the prize. The headline has an impact on the reader as it may be the first text on the page you notice when you pick the paper up, so it is important for the newspaper to make it captivating and different to the other newspapers (if the article is about the same issue) so the reader picks the paper up. “The Sun,” uses the headline in the issue I’m analyzing is slightly different than the way they present it in a typical article.

Most of the front page is occupied by a picture of the queen and at the bottom left it says “All too much. ” In white text, the size of the text is extremely small, but yet it stands out as they placed it in front of a black background. The headline is interesting because it is simple and the words “All too much. ” Have an impact on you, as at that point you stop and look back at the picture and when you see the Queen crying you want to carry on reading to find out what has happened. The second headline on the page read “How Barrymore comforted Burrell.

” This headline had been written in a much bigger font size than the previous headline (All too much. ) Already we have gathered that it involves elite nations and people in this case Mr. Barrymore. Because of the celebrity’s name included in the headline people who have interest in him will be inclined to read on and purchase the newspaper. In my opinion I believe that the reason for the headline of the Barrymore article being greater in size than the other one is because “The Sun” is aimed at those who enjoy to read about gossip, soap stars, celebrities e. t. c so the news of Barrymore would be more appealing than something to do with them Queen.

The Broadsheet has two main headlines “Bush seizes the moment to push un. ” And “Career interrupted” Ryder guilty of theft. ” The first headline mentioned is clearly a political one and the layout of the headline is much the opposite of the political headline in “The Sun. ” in “The Independent. ” The headline is bold and has been written in a large text size, this shows us that the newspaper is more affiliated with politics and current affairs in the world.

The headline is gripping and has an impact, as there have been a lot of talks about the United States and Saudi Arabia and we can familiarize with it because it raises the question of world war three. The size of the headline is as big as the width of the article and takes up a fair proportion of the page. Whereas the headline in “The Sun” “All too much. ” isn’t no where near as big and wouldn’t tell us what the article is about if it wasn’t for the picture this is because the headline is too vague and doesn’t tell us anything about the article. On the other hand the headline from “the Independent.

” Justifies the article as it tells you clearly what the article is about straightaway. The second headline on the page reads, “Career, interrupted: Ryder guilty of theft. ” This headline is sharp and accurate as it summarizes the article which helps the reader when they are reading the article because the headline has already given you a sort of starter point. The layout of the headline is different to the one about politics as the font used is not bold which doesn’t make it stand out, the size of the text is much smaller and does not catch your attention as much as the one about Bush and the UN.

This is probably because the newspaper specializes with politics and they have to show that they really are the best for what they say they are. The headlines studied here have to have the right effects on the audience, for example if the headline about the Queen in The Sun was written in a much to formal and detailed way the audience the newspapers were trying to attract would not be bothered to read it so in turn the company would be losing money.



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