Keep young and beautiful - Sample Essay

In class we have been studying the theme “keep young and beautiful” in those days women did not have equal rights to men. So as the men went to work and earned their profit for the family the women would stay and home and do their chaos and make-up their selves in order to look pretty for their husbands. Originally in the 1930’s “keep young and beautiful” was sang by Al Dublin and Harry warren. In the 1930’s The song “keep young and beautiful” was sang ironically because a woman was singing a negative view about women.

Women saw this as fun and educational as they agreed with the message and saw it was their job. In the 1990’s the song was covered by Annie Lennox in a sarcastic version this was because as women now had equality and could see the patronising and negative messages in the song. At the beginning of the performance we walked onto the back of the stage and were standing in a horizontal line with our backs to the audience in different positions.

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As we had our backs to the audience we were all in flirtatious positions Gangendeep had her hands holding her hips, I had a glorious smile with my hand just above my head, Nicole also had her hands holding her hips, Dearmett had her hands out with a proud smile like she just got a A* in her GCSE’s and Cylen had a cheesy smile standing straight with her lip gloss glowing like stars.

For the first verse of the song a different person would come out and act out a line, until the second to last line when we all joined together to act out the line. After this we get ready to get into our next positions with me and Jade at the back of the stage with a gap in the middle and the other three members of our group our at the front quite close together.

As we are in our positions me and Jade at the back start dancing to the song in in a very exaggerated way our smiles too wide, movements too big, showing how we disagree with the lyrics, by our actions and expressions. Next we came to the exercise bit of the song and me and Jade were now at the front not the back so we started exercising, jogging, across the stage, stretches etc. Finally we line up and have a dance routine to the song then we come together as if we are a family group in a photograph doing different poses huddled together.



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