Jewish Women’s Future - Sample Essay

Until now, Jewish women are considered inferior, that Jewish men even thank their God for not making them a woman, as written in their prayers. Similar to Islamic belief, women are regarded as personal properties of their husbands and treated as slaves. Sarkar (1995), and other analysts, kept on thinking why Jewish women tolerate this kind of abuse and extreme injustice. Reform Judaism on the present day believes in the equality of both genders. The Reform community gives the power for women to do rituals which are previously traditionally exclusive for men.

Women’s contemporary issues again focus on feminism. Modern orthodox Jewish women now pursue to get an education or even advanced degrees in different fields. Another controversy that arises in Jewish Religion is whether they may study the Talmud, which is up to now, not widely accepted in Modern Orthodoxy. The religious faith of people even today are still based on Christianity, Islam and Judaism texts, the Bible, the Qur’an, the Torah and the Talmud and prejudices on gender still lives in modern time, especially the morals, teachings, and the eternal life after physical death on earth.

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Yet, some still believes that every religion in the world today remains the idea of discrimination against women and even scriptures today still degrades women. Though such teachings exist, modern women now have the courage to fight for their rights and struggle for equality. In general, Catholic, Muslim and Jewish women continuously aim for religious power as they actively assert religious influence in their respective churches, temples, mosques, and communities and as more and more women engage themselves I religious hierarchy, the old custom that prevents women to be in position and influence would eventually be eradicated.

In contrary, however, Catholic religion still has to approve the ordination of female ministers. Contemporary women work together with religious institutions for them to accomplish their goal, particularly equality rights especially on feminists. Stereotypes of the submissiveness of women must be abolished for the women institutions and they have to become an equal counterpart of the male society. The female influence on religions could be greatly discovered as scholars increase in recent years. This could further eradicate male oppression on women, and neglect the notion of women as an inferior being.

However, women still face a great challenge for them to regain the full independence with regards to religious aspects. The fact of the continuity that women are totally not allowed to learn their religious texts, interpret their doctrines, and be a part of the journey for studying the relationship of mankind with the omnipotent being, women will never fully regain their independence in religious aspects. For feminists, women must be defined for their connection and relationship with others, as well as their significant role in the society as they live equally with men.

However, it is important to respect those who are contented on their individual worth as a woman, and willing to live the essence of a woman based on their religious beliefs.


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