Japanese Culture - Sample Essay

Japan is known for its very good and very beautiful entertainers called geisha. Geisha in Japanese means “artist. The history of geisha began during the 11th century when two women created a new kind of dance to entertain warriors. They wore white dresses to represent the court dresses of warriors. They also wore hats, long white gown and sword. The dance attracted many people and the dress was change to black hat and red skirt. The sword disappeared. From then on, many people have a belief that the two women are the early predecessors of geisha.

But there are hearsays that geisha were previously men who entertained in a place called “water world”. But eventually the male entertainers were replaced with female ones. Geisha are professional and their main work is to entertain guests through many different performing arts in an O-chaya. They basically took hard trainings in ancient dancing, singing, playing instruments, wearing kimono, tea ceremonial, serving alcoholic drinks, conversing, writing calligraphy and many other things needed to become a real geisha. These trainings last for many years until they perfected those crafts and skills.

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A geisha is said to be successful if she already shown her endless beauty and charm, grace, creative talents, good manners and refinement. Guests who have long time affiliation with the tea house are permitted to take a geisha and mainly tea houses do not allow any new clients without prior notice and formal introduction. Geisha’s business is generally an expensive business and in fact a single geisha party costs thousands of US dollars. During the 1920’s, there were about 80,000 geishas all over Japan however, this big number dropped to 10000 because of the western influence to Japanese culture.

One good thing about Geisha is that it serves as a mirror of how wonderful Japanese culture is. They show how hospitable Japanese are and from the intensive trainings of geisha, we can see the dedication from them which prove that Japanese are really disciplined people. They play an important role in the Japanese society. Geisha women are good role models and they usually went on international tours to strengthen affairs with other nation. With their charming moves and pretty face, they can bring happiness and fulfillment to anyone. They exhibit a strong relationship with men.

For some they are called prostitutes but actually they are not. They just entertain. Geisha have the will to have a patron, also known as Danna in which they may affect emotionally, economically and sexually. To stay beautiful and attractive they wear their hair in a bun styled with a comb and two pins. One of their main training is to dress with elegant kimonos and apply white make-up. Every time they got an entertainment show in banquets and parties, considerable money was given to them. After any party, the things discuss in the occasion was kept secret confidential.

It is nice that morality has been patronized by geisha. It is fact that geisha never perform indecent actions such as one night stand. Moreover, they do not prepare or even serve food. Before anything else, to become a certified geisha, you should be a daughter of former geisha or if not; an O-chaya can give you the consent of being one. Usually girls from an orphan or poor families were sold to an O-chaya to become one of the thousand geisha. The O-chaya would invest a big bunch of money to train the recruited girls. They would be dressed with colorful kimonos and taught them the appropriate skills.

Doing various chores while watching other geisha were also their job. When they reached the age of 15-20 years old, they now become the so called “Maikos” which are labeled apprentice. The apprentice assisted the geisha to all her appointments for the purpose of learning to become a true geisha. Also at age 20, a Maiko made decisions whether she will pursue to become a geisha. A rule governs the geisha system. She must quit if she decided to get married. There is an initiation ceremony called “erigae” in which the collar of the Maiko was change from red to white.

Also this is the time in which the girl underwent a mizu-age, a ceremony in which the highest bidder takes the virginity of the Maiko but this does not occur. One thing I observe from the recruitment process is that it involves poor children sold by her relatives. It is really unfair for the children to work as a slave especially if it’s not the will of the involved children. We should not deprive the children’s right to choose her own life and we should not permit that poverty overpowered this little right.



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