Impact to the Community - Sample Essay

Thirty one percent of American people who are homeless take drugs and alcohol hence suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse. Crime has increased much with as many as 60% of adults ending up in Federal prisons due to drug-related crimes. In education, children exposed to prenatal cocaine are likely to be 1-5 times those who need special education services, whose cost is estimated at $23millions yearly. In the workplace, the illicit drug users were more likely than others in 1997 to fail to report to work which results to losses for many employers (National Institute on Drug Abuse). Impact on Infants and Children

Infants that are born by women who smoke during their pregnancy usually have low weight on birth and may suffer from high risk of attention deficit, hyperactivity and conduct disorder and childhood obesity. In addition, for those who take cocaine, babies can be born prematurely and also have low birth weights. Per year, the cocaine exposed babies might add up to 45,000. In addition, approximately 50% to 80% of cases of child abuse are as a result of parents getting involved in drug abuse (National Institute of Drug Abuse). Conclusion Drug abuse has become a major health problem that has impacted the society on multiple levels.

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In the US, the community is affected directly or indirectly by this problem of drug abuse and addiction and so is every family. The consequences of illicit drug use are so severe to an extent of even affecting the unborn babies and therefore the US government should take a serious and lasting solution to curb the problem of drug abuse since it has become a serious social problem leading to so many negative effects.

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