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My name is Josh Gibbens and I own a star trek memorabilia shop and I am publishing my website onto the Internet which will show you all the stock in my shop and if its not in stock then when it comes in it will be posted to the website. “Problem” Statement

Not enough people know about my shop an so as to increase trade I am starting an online busines so as to gain more trade as more and more business are turning to the internet to gain extra trade also we are putting ourselves on the google search engine so people can also find us on the search engines we have been advertising by yellow pages and pamphlets but this has not been reaching the target audience and is beginning to cut into our profit margin the main reason for this is that people are receiving other leaflets and just throwing them away as one big lump so they dismiss our leaflet.

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Real User My organization sells star trek memorabilia and 20% of our profits go to great Ormond street hospital London that is the aim of our organization the other 40% goes to our workers and the other 40% gets diverted into funding our stock and other sources of revenue and income into the shop also our shop has been open for the last 30 years without fail and only shut in the great hurricane of “88”our founder was Sir Josh Gibbens.

We have a small call centre with 30 people in it and in the main shop 12 ground shop workers to serve your every day needs and anything you may see on the internet we can get it for less for you on all purchases less than i?? 5,000 because at star trek memorabilia we aim to please you. Alternative Solution 1 Advertise in a national paper in the advertising section and hope that this will attract the recommended audience that I require and make sure that it is a local paper because people are more likely to look at adverts and it is cheaper than publishing information about my business in a national newspaper.

Alternative Solution 2 Go to a computer shop and get an expert to design a website for me and that it is tailored to my specifications and make it stylish and colorful so when people come onto the website they are attracted to it and want to stay and also my website must be easy to navigate otherwise this would deter would be customers. Alternative Solution 3

I could advertise my company on the electronic billboards on the London underground and attract a lot of people 100,000 people travel on the under ground every day because there is a wide variety of audiences that travel on the under ground this could be ideal but the problem is that I am not a big company and it would cost a lot to advertise on one of these boards so it would give me the audience but it would not be viable money wise.

Why is my chosen ICT solution a sensible way of solving this problem I have chosen alternative solution 2 because it is a simple idea and it is the most obvious idea to create a website and publish it onto the (World Wide Web).



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