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Electronic learning or E-learning is a word used to refer to people learning It is used in so many contexts that it is critical to be clear what one means when someone speaks of ‘eLearning’. Online learning when people go onto the internet to revise or learn about a subject that has to do with their education. This is used reguraly by students who want to revise for test etc. A webstite well known for online learning is bbc which allows people to go onto bitesize which is a free learning program.

This program allows student to read and learn about subjects then it allows you to take a quick test about the subject. Online learning is aimed at he younger and middle aged generation who are still attending school. This s very helpful to those who are attendingn school as they might not understand whatever is going on in schoola dn they simply just go on the internt whever they are and they learn online using steps. D ifferent websites have different ways of helping people to learn, for example: www. bitesize.com helps people from primary chool to people in college.

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This is defiently a good product as these website are in inspiration in which it allows student to pass there tests. Online learning Is sometimes not free and it is often expensive as people put good money intop helping people learn online. This cannot be used without internewt access as it is necessary because youmight need to be signed in. I think that online learning is extremly useful as it is better than paying for a tutor who teaches exactly what the online learning teaches so it saves a lot of money.

I used it when I was doing my GCSE’s as I found it easy to use and it broke everything down into little parts for me to understand everything that was taught to to, after I tooknthe test which showed how ready I was. Entertainment Radio player (E-radio) Internet radio (e-Radio) is an audio broadcasting service transmitted through the Internet. Broadcasting on the Internet is usually referred to as webcasting since it is not transmitted broadly through wireless means but is delivered over the World Wide Web.

The term “e-Radio” suggests a streaming medium that presents listeners with a continuous stream of audio to which they have no control much like traditional broadcast media. One of the most common ways to show internet radio is via streaming technology using a audio codec. The MP3 format is most popular, followed by Ogg Vorbis, Windows Media Audio, and RealAudio. E- radio is aimed at all type of generations as all type of generations listen to music as E-radio plays all types ofmusic from classical for the older genration to, pop for the middle aged people and rap for the younger generation.

This is very usful for people as they do not have to go to the shops and buy the Cds as they can simply use it at home for free. It defiently fit for purpose as many people use it because it is free, it is easy to use, so all type of age groups can use it. Many people use it to keeps updated with news round the world while others use it for many othere reasons. This can be used without intenet access as you could download the program in which could let you use the radio without using the internet.



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