Homes for Garden Gnomes - Sample Essay

The business requirements identified are discussed in the previous section for the “Homes for Garden Gnomes”. From these requirements , it is identified that new information system should record various types of details , such as customer details, supplier details, Gnomes orders from customer , Gnomes orders to supplier, Gnomes orders dispatched to customer, Gnomes orders received from the supplier, Gnomes replacement to customer , Gnomes replacement from customer, re-order level for Gnomes, etc.

Now all this requirements for the “Homes for Garden Gnomes” can be taken care, if there is an information system, such as database system is available for the “Homes for Garden Gnomes” that can stores all the details and provide information based on the query, views and reports. As it has been identified that there are several customers and supplier for the “Homes for Garden Gnomes”, therefore, there will be one table for customer and one table for supplier for storing their details.

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There will be also one table that will store the details of Gnomes that are kept in the “Homes for Garden Gnomes”. As order is received from customer for Gnomes and order is sent to suppliers for Gnomes, therefore, there will be two separate tables for the Gnomes order from customer and the Gnomes order to supplier. As any customer can order different types of Gnomes with different quantity, therefore, there will be separate table for Gnomes ordered from customer that will be associated with the Gnomes order from customer table.

Similarly there will be also a separate table for the Gnomes order to supplier. As sometimes the Gnomes dispatched to customer may be faulty or damaged, therefore, there will be separate table for replacement to customer and replacement received from suppliers for the Gnomes that will be associated with another tables containing details about the Gnomes and reason for replacement.

After designing the database tables, there will be several query, views, forms and reports will be made so that required information for Gnomes and orders can be stored and viewed easily. The various new entries for customer, supplier, gnomes and order will be stored in database with the use of graphical interface provided by the forms of database system (Microsoft Access). The daily order received from the customer can be checked from this information system and will be dispatched to them.

In addition, the stock level for each type of Gnomes can be also managed by seeing the report of Gnomes details so that new order to supplier can be ordered. If any query regarding any order from customer received than it will be dealt immediately by seeing that particular order with the help of query in the database system and necessary actions or information will be provided to customer.

This procedure will be also available for the Gnome orders that are made to supplier. Similarly the replacement for gnomes to customer and from supplier will be dealt. The system will also produce report for the most number of sales for Gnomes. It will be useful for making stock for the Gnomes that are liked by the most of the customers, therefore, reducing the other non-important Gnomes order stocks in inventory.



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