Environmentalism and Globalization - Sample Essay

Environmentalism is a growing factor in negotiations and policy dialogue in international relations fora. The sector’s expediency in the task negotiations and decision-making is widely accepted mantra in diplomatic relations yet the common people still fail to recognize the role of environmentalism in international relations. In this paper there is an attempt to explicate the function of environmentalism in international relations and assessed its’ trend parallel to globalization.

It is imperative that in the study of international relations, we look at the world system as a single, closed entity; that which happens at one side may befall upon another. Science and a simple case of logic would present to you endless stream of “environmental connections” and in view of the environmental quagmire the world is experiencing today, the term “environmentalism” would make much sense. Consider the following situation? El Nino hits the Pacific regions and the produce of that area are largely affected.

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In a case like this, how would we handle the situation? The environment transcends even that of societal institutions like politics and religion. Inclusive to the decision-making of the world council in assessing the world market/economy is the environment (and all its’ necessary attributes). It is like studying dynamic interaction taken at the global level; politics plus economy cum environment. In world dynamic interaction, it is noted that there is no distinct connection between the operational logic of the economy and that of the rate of ecological damage.

Most studies would suggest that primary/developed countries, with more giant multinationals, have the tendency to corrupt/extract resource from the environment. The validity of the argument, however, has to be further studied. The main point here is that the environmental impact can be assessed on the levels of economic giants (capitalism), a crucial part in the analysis of future economy and subsequent environmental damages it conveys. Much of our world’s resources are declining rapidly as globalization or world development takes place.

What had went wrong even with technological proliferation and the advances of science? Many studies sort out the problem and most would point it to the lack of focus on the environment (being that the focus is on anthropology and social studies, “ecocentric principle”), population rise, and lack of spaces to resolve the internal conflicts. Gray areas still exist for the effect of social processes on environmental degradation. The rate of greenhouse gases (e. g.

carbon dioxide and methane) has been correlated to that the social dynamics, shift in industrialization and agriculture. Why study environmentalism at the global level? The trend for economic profitability is globalization and participating in the large global economic market thus reaping more profits by elaboration of production chains. The basics of the production chains would entail the involvement of resource development and these resources are equivocated to the environment.

The attempt to balance the environment and the overdeveloped economy is an important task to maintain the integrity of the system and to have future resources. It is thus important, that in the world-scale economy, we assessed international relations on the level of the “green” blueprint.

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