Drug & Society - Sample Essay

There are various ways that the DEA uses to try to limit and end drug trafficking but the most effective method may be the inter-agency cooperation that allows the DEA to formulate and implement certain programs, in cooperation with other international anti-drug trafficking organizations. These operations have most often proven to be highly successful in combating the entrance of illegal drug shipments.

This is done through an intricate and international network of intelligence gathering, joint investigations with counterpart agencies worldwide and finally cooperation between task forces enjoined to fulfill the missions along with other law enforcement agencies. Through the DEA-Special Operations Division, coordinated efforts between the DEA, FBI, Customs, and IRS, shadow various drug trafficking organizations in order to accomplish successful arrests.

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Those operations are aside from the continuous border patrol programs, which also includes, to a certain degree, highway patrolling in order to implement drug enforcement along the U. S. – Mexico border. This is done at checkpoints positioned 150 miles from the Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas borders. This is known as Highway Interdiction. The program also helps in investigating emerging trends in concealment of illegal drugs. Law enforcement officials, under the jurisdiction of the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) implement the program.

Due to the tutelage of their Colombian partners, the Mexican drug cartels have now undergone a facelift and come out of it with a more efficient organization, as well as consolidated power with very specific stronghold areas. As they continue to change the face of their organizations so is the DEA hell bent on ending their reign of destruction in the land of the brave and free. The DEA will never allow drug traffickers to continue to destroy the American society and everything good that the U. S. society has stood for all these years.

Drug trafficking can be eradicated. But, it will take a combined effort and perseverance on the part of the implementing government agencies. Taking down a drug trafficker and his organization takes skill, millions of dollars, and cooperation between departments. As a country, the United States cannot simply stand by and pretend that drug trafficking does not exist. The DEA will continue to develop strong counter attacks on drug traffickers that will drive the message home, they will not succeed in destroying the country using drugs as their weapon of choice.

With extradition now an option for the agencies, this assures the public that no drug trafficker will ever be above the law. All the activities of suspected drug traffickers will be monitored and they will be arrested once there is enough evidence against them for the crime of drug trafficking. As evidenced in the preceding pages of this research paper, drug trafficking is not a problem solely located in the United States of America.

To quote Rodrigo Lara Bonilla ” countries that begin by producing and trafficking in drugs end up by consuming them. ” Bonilla is the former Colombian Minster of Justice. Drug trafficking may sometimes be composed of a small, almost negligible organization but the organization has immeasurable ill effects on the society that uses it. The only way a country can implement successful anti drug trafficking programs is by working with others through bilateral and multilateral agreements that will allow effective rules and laws to be enacted.

These laws should have the capability of evolving as the drug traffickers do in order to insure that the law will never become ineffective in the battle is was meant to win. We must also remember that there is a social responsibility given to each individual of this country that, if followed, will help decrease, if not eradicate the problem of drugs and drug trafficking in this nation. The use of drugs is meant, as a social escape for some people, if the social problems of the society can be dealt with efficiently, the people will not have idle time to use drugs.

No drug users, no drug trafficking. Solicitor General Herb Gray, of Canada is once quoted to have said ” The drug trade is dependent on demand and only by developing preventative strategies that strike at the underlying factors that lead people to use drugs in the first place can we curb drug abuse and trafficking. These factors, or root causes, such as sexual abuse, broken homes, illiteracy, physical abuse, and lack of parental guidance are more social problems than they are problems of crime.

” Drug trafficking relies heavily on organized crime in order to survive. Therefore, local gangs also benefit from drug trafficking. The Chinese are beginning to get involved in drug trafficking yet again with the entrance of the Chinese Triad into the drug trafficking scene. There are also new threats developing everyday from various other groups such as the Russian Mafiya groups, and the Japanese Yakuza, an organization that is involved in everything from assassination to money laundering.

Last April 1, 2005, even our the most disciplined and upstanding citizen of this country, the soldiers, have been accused of falling prey to the lucrative offers made by drug cartels for the soldiers to act as couriers for the drugs they wish to sneak into the country. There have been reports that soldiers who were recently stationed in Colombia tried to smuggle cocaine into the country upon their return from a tour of duty in Colombia, but was arrested by law enforcement officials when they tried to sneak the cocaine onto a military plane.



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