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Curriculum specialists or education experts (educationalists) and psychologists, neuroscientists are expected personnel as firsts in the line-up of teams of resource and research specialists (Hinton, 2005).. What part will students play in curriculum development in the next 10 years? It will not be as completely different a role that the students had played for the last several years. They will be subjects whose performances will either be that of the control or experimental groups (Hinton, 2005).

How will these changes impact student personally? The students are the end-users and clients of the whole educational institution. The core curriculum will directly have both significant negative and/or positive influence on their current and future status or condition. Becoming objects of experiments has becoming non-negotiable simply because students’ involvement is a vital ingredient in discovering the efficient and the non-efficient means or approaches to learning.

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The whole issue of curriculum changes, shifts and trends all boils down to a large degree to what school of thought will prevail when the idea of learning as a whole is taken into consideration. Should the child be inculcated on what are expected to come out in the standardized tests, or should the child be educated holistically – “educating the whole child,” as they say? The trends will say a lot in both directions but questions on the testing matter is rife already and timely evaluation of this angle of the educational reforms will be basically the focus in the current and future direction.

Developmentally appropriate and affective learning need not be put aside; these conceptualizations have served their time and largely true to achieve a better and well-adjusted young person eventually. The reason that the academic and business world cannot ignore such perspectives as proposed by Howard Gardner (Multiple Intelligences) and Daniel Goleman (Emotional Quotient/Intelligence) in incorporating their findings and observations into the curriculum.


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