Culture and Multicultural Characteristics of Diversity Class in USA Schools - Sample Essay

Of the many countries in the word, USA is one of those countries which are home to not only its natives but also to people from all over the world. According to U. S. Census Bureau, one third of the population consists of the minorities but within ten years, the number will be more than half of the total population. The country offers many opportunities to earn money improve lifestyle, get better education and the like; consequently, people from different parts of the world come here to take advantage of the available opportunities and find a way to make their lives better.

In search of greener pastures, large numbers of people migrate to USA and the country welcomes them as they offer human resources for doing various jobs at cheaper rates than the local citizens. Sometime in the late 19th century, USA was facing a shortage of professionals like doctors and technicians within its own local citizens and therefore at that time people from other countries came over in large numbers to fulfill the vacancy and reap the benefits.

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In the USA, there are many citizens but there is such an integration of different nations that the aboriginal population is called “native American” so as to differentiate it from the others. The country is a successful amalgamation of many nations (Chaiklin, 2008) and the people, who come to this land on a long term basis through emigration, bring with them, their origin, their culture, their values and their families. Because of the presence of so many immigrants, the schools look like a cultural centre for their offspring.

All the children have equal rights to education whether they are Americans, Asians or Africans and schools are the place from where they initiate their education and when they go to schools, they carry their individual identities with them. Consequently, there is a visible presence of diverse students in the schools and the schools are not only witness to different cultures, races, religions etc. but are also affected by these factors. Not only the schools but the teachers, students and their relationship are also affected.

This report explores diversity, its impact on schools in USA, how it can affects the relationship between the teachers and the students with disabilities and the student’s families and what should a teacher understand about other cultures to have a good understanding of them and respect them. Diversity in schools America is host to many diverse and rich cultures; the change in demographics is visible in schools where the education process has to be reached with a revised approach to adjust for the diversity.

The population trend of increasing diversity is evident from a research, according to which, 27% of all the schools in USA represent minorities and a minority majority is present in each of the nation’s 24 largest city school systems. With the schools having culturally diverse students, the classrooms are becoming a mirror of the multiracial and multiethnic society that America is home to. According to Hodgkinson (1986), “The schools of tomorrow may have to be more sensitive to minority differences.

Many blacks resent being lumped into a single racial grouping without regard for social and economic status. Similarly, Puerto Ricans do not necessarily enjoy being labeled with Cubans and Mexicans as Hispanics. It is clear that Asian immigrants from Japan, Korea, and Vietnam are very different. All of these groups and subgroups want to retain as much of their culture as possible, which is one reason California provides instructions for connecting a gas stove in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese”.

This means that even though diversity issues are being handled with care in schools these days but in the future, because of even greater number of diverse students and possibly new issues related to diversity, the schools will have to be even more sensitive towards them in the future. It is quite apparent that the different groups of minority have different cultures, languages, values and beliefs which identify them and the minorities do not want to lose their identity but instead maintain their uniqueness and this will have to be respected by others of the dominant group.

There is a positive relationship between social opportunities and educational opportunities in Western societies (Dekkers, Bosker & Driessen, 2000). The more options one has available with him/her along with opportunity in the form of resources, the more chances one can have of availing higher education. The system is thus, not fair and uses social opportunities as the criteria of providing admissions.



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