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There are many different ways for the investigator to collect data from subjects by communicating directly with them either in person, through others or through a document, such as a questionnaire. Direct communication is used in both qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative research differs from quantitive research (definition of quantitative research) in the following ways such as, the data is usually gathered using less structured research instruments, the findings are more in-depth since they make greater use of open-ended questions, the results provide much more detail on behaviour, attitudes and motivation, research is more intensive and more flexible, allowing the researcher to probe since s/he has greater latitude to do so, results are based on smaller sample sizes and are often not representative of the population, research can usually not be replicated or repeated, given it low reliability and analysis of the results is much more subjective.

Quantitative research differs from qualitative research in the following ways such as, the data is usually gathered using more structured research instruments, the results provide less detail on behaviour, attitudes and motivation, results are based on larger sample sizes that are representative of the population, research can usually be replicated or repeated, given it high reliability. Secondary research Secondary research occurs when a project requires a summary or collection of existing data. As opposed to data collected directly from respondents or “research subjects” for the express purposes of a project, (often called “empirical” or “primary research”), secondary sources already exist.

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These secondary sources could include previous research reports, newspaper, magazine and journal content, and government and NGO statistics. Sometimes secondary research is required in the preliminary stages of research to determine what is known already and what new data is required, or to inform research design. At other times, it may make be the only research technique used. A key performance area in secondary research is the full citation of original sources, usually in the form of a complete listing or annotated listing. External research:  External research, involves looking at data gathered by industry experts, trade associations, or companies that specialize in gathering and compiling data about various industries.

The most commonly utilized external information include the trade association data, industry publications and databases, government databases, trade measurements and sales, volume, and brand market share measurement systems. Internal research: Internal research is data gathered by your company for purposes other than market research (e.g., sales reports broken down by product line) but which you can use to gauge what the market will do in the future.

The most commonly available internal company information includes daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sales reports, broken down by geographical area, by product line, or even by product, accounting information (e.g., spending and profitability) and competitive information gathered by the sales force. Mintel Mintel is a global supplier of consumer, media and market research. For more than thirty years, our wide-ranging products have provided unique insights that have a direct impact on our clients’ success. Mintel can help you discover opportunities, monitor competitors, develop products and services, and hone your marketing and advertising efforts.

Mintel is constantly creating new products and improving existing ones, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive range of market research. For four years in a row, an independent panel of marketing executives has categorized Mintel as a Business Superbrand in the UK. This honour exemplifies Mintel’s continuing commitment to providing unique, dependable and original market information. Mintel Reports Mintel Reports offers a series of market and consumer research reports, providing a rigorous analysis of market landscapes and a performance forecast for each category. Complex issues are broken into easy-to-understand sections, demonstrating the structure of the market. Original consumer research and analysis provide an understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviour.

Mintel Premier Unlike standard market research, Premier reports are live and interactive, making them more relevant, up-to-date and easier to use. Links to news in the margins, the ability to add comments and highlighter directly into reports, extensive graphing tools, and ready-made PowerPoint presentations all help make Premier the next generation of market research. Menu insights Menu Insights provides an online solution to all your flavour and ingredient trend questions. See trends emerge through data sourced from 550 US restaurants and 50 top chefs. With trends reported quarterly, you could spot and respond to changes in menu items, ingredients, price, preparations, and even entirely new menus.

POS+ The UK’s most-effective sales promotion database, POS+ is an essential tool for anyone involved in fast-moving consumer goods markets. POS+ examines trends, techniques and innovations, comparing the strategies of the major players. POS+ is a valuable tool allowing you to gain a better understanding of the promotional dynamics within your category. Compere Media Compere Media is the premier database for direct mail and print advertising in the US and Canada. Our Web-based tool allows users to track trends and competitive strategy in industries such as credit cards, telecom, banking, insurance, travel, and investments. Each record contains detailed information about the campaign, images of creative and demographics on the recipients.

Mintel Services Mintel Services provides worldwide retail audits and product retrieval in the fast-moving product intelligence market. Mintel Services sources products from more than 130 countries, as well as conducting quality assurance, shelf surveys, mystery shopping and trade sampling. No other information service provider can put you in real-time touch with the global consumer markets.

GNPD GNPD, Mintel’s Global New Products Database, provides thorough, up-to-date coverage of new product innovation in consumer packaged goods markets. GNPD adds 12,000 products to this searchable database each month. Clients use GNPD to check on competitors, get new ideas, and stay informed of innovations in products, packaging and ingredients around the world. Mintel Consulting Mintel Consulting has more than 30 years of research expertise, coupled with vast global resources and unbeatable client support. Mintel Consulting regularly undertakes research for packaged goods companies, retailers, the media, government departments, trade associations as well as a wide range of other organizations.

Mintel ECLIPS Mintel ECLIPS is a searchable, online database of video clips from Mintel’s proprietary ethnographic interviews and focus groups. Thousands of video clips cover the most cutting-edge consumer trends. Enhanced by expert analysis, Mintel ECLIPS provides clients with comprehensive insights that identify new product opportunities, unmet consumer needs, and up-and-coming trends. Enterprising Skills There are many skills that an enterprise should require in all its employees. The company sets these skills so that the company can achieve maximum concentration form each employee and also to enable its employees to work to their best abilities.

Some of these skills are listed below: Self-confidence and Motivation Self-confidence and Motivation help the worker to behave calmly because they have no doubts about their ability or knowledge and be well motivated at all times to complete an aim or objective. Risk taking All employees should have to take risks on certain tasks they perform during their work period enabling them to find out what right or wrong things they have done. This enables the employees to learn from the mistakes they make. Ability to innovate The employees in the company should be enabled to innovate. This means that employees should take and introduce changes and new ideas.

Ability to build teams and to inspire The employees should have the knowledge to build their ideas up in a team and to also share them with other colleagues in the project or task. Also to inspire someone on something they want to do. Others can help this person along the way to achieve it. Belbins Skills Plant The contributions to the plant are to be creative, imaginative. The employees in the plant need these to work efficiently and have a better understanding of what they are doing. They also need to be unorthodox meaning different from what is usual or expected in behaviour, ideas and methods. All workers are also required to solve difficult problems. The employees that do this in Asda are customer services.

Allowable weaknesses The company allows all workers to ignore incidentals, meaning to incident details or expenses and to be pre-occupied to have effective communication. Co-ordinator The employees should be mature in attitude, confident and also to be-able to clarify and achieve the set required goals that the company sets out for them. The co-ordinator should also be able to promote decision-making and to also delegate well in the company. The employee that does this in Asda is the senior manager.

Allowable weaknesses The allowed weaknesses are that the co0ordinator can be seen as manipulative, meaning someone who tries to control people to their advantage. Also a person who off loads work for other employees. Monitor Evaluator The contributions include being sober, meaning to become more calm and serious strategic and disceming. This means to spread or give out information and ideas. This person also sees all options and judges them accurately. The employee that does this in Asda is the manager. Allowable weaknesses In the company the allowable weaknesses is to lack drive and your ability to inspire others in the company.

Team worker Employees should be co-operative, have a mild perceptive and diplomatic. This means that all employees should have a keen eye at noticing and understanding things that other colleagues may not notice and to work along with other and co-operating with them. Also have freedom from legal actions in the company. The employees that do this in Asda are the main workers. Allowable weaknesses The team worker can be indecisive in crunch situations. This means that when a situation becomes extremely serious and a decision must be made. Shaper The contributions of a shaper are to be challenging. Also to be dynamic, meaning to have lot of ideas and enthusiasm is energetic and also being forceful. The shaper also thrives on pressure and dive and encourages other employees to overcome obstacles. The employee that does this in Asda is the supervisor.

Allowable weaknesses The shaper should not prone to provocation, meaning to enable someone who often has accidents an action or statement that is intended to make someone angry. Asda SWOT analysis SWOT analysis is a technique much used in many general management as well as marketing scenarios. SWOT consists of examining the current activities of the organisation. It strengths and weaknesses are used for external research data to set out the opportunities and treats that exist.

Strengths: Asda has much strength in the local market. Some of these strengths are that Asda has got the best value supermarket. They sell cheap and affordable priced goods like foods, clothes, stationary and house wear equipment. Another strength that Asda has got is that they are set in a well area where customers can go to their stores easily either by walking or on car. They have also got friendly help incase needed in the store by their customers.

Weaknesses: Asda has one main and particular weakness in the market at the moment. This weakness is Asdas access to car parking. Asda has got a less number of parking spaces in the car park for vehicles. They have got parking only for 100 peoples cars but should have more because many people over 150 visit their stores a day. Opportunities: Asda can have many opportunities on the market than other markets. One of these opportunities is that Asda can open many small branches for their customers who live far from the main store. They can do this to increase profits and let older residents who have the difficulty to walk to Asda to have easier access to Asda stores just 10 minutes away from their homes.



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