Christian laws - Sample Essay

Although the Christian laws and teachings do not generally prohibit women from performing different religious rituals, the patriarchal society has created its own social taboos and norms which suppress women from entering into religious services. They believed that the control or the authority which they exercise over the general public, and particularly over women, would loose its grip. The male priests and clergymen were too concerned about their supremacy and were apprehensive of the fact that women may overwhelm them in religious affairs.

Similarity Between the Subjugated Role Women Played in Christian and Jewish Societies Women have long been victims of male dominance and male supremacy. The patriarchal societies have existed since millenniums. The concept of men running households and being the bread winners is so deeply ingrained in all cultures that it is difficult for women to have a say in matters of religion, work, and social and family life. The reason for this is that women are economically dependent on men. It would not be wrong to say that women are also socially and morally dependent on men.

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Although times have changed and in the modern world, women have struggled hard to attain an equal footing as men, there are still taboos and social norms which restrain women progressing further. History provides enough evidence that the have been overpowered by women and were obliged to abide by the rules which they had made for them. Today, there are women rabbis. However, the male rabbis, the orthodox Jews and the many from the general public still show concern and question whether it is religiously, ethically and socially correct to have female rabbis.

Similarly, as women priests, nuns, sisters and mothers are now leading many missionary groups and churches, many people express their uncertainty about female dominance in religious affairs. The rules which were established and instilled into the culture in medieval times are still existent among many in the Christian cultures. Despite much progress and awareness in all spheres of life and the women entering different walks of life, hesitation and apprehension still prevail about the changing role of women in society. Nonetheless, the women have taken a great leap forward and have come a long way since the medieval times and the world war.

The women have earned recognition for themselves. Their achievements and contributions to their societies are being acknowledged and at times, also rewarded. Whether it is the case of Jewish or Christian women, they have all faced the same atrocities from their respective societies and have endured more or less the same social taboos or restrictions. This reflects that women in most, if not all communities and cultures, have been subject of the almost the same kinds of sufferings. Women have been deemed as inferior to men in every respect. The sexist attitude was prevalent in, both, Christian and Jewish cultures.

The women were expected to live their lives in the manner considered appropriate by their male counterparts. It was in the World War II that women got an opportunity to prove themselves. They worked hard to make both ends meet. They shouldered the responsibility of feeding their families and educating their children while their men away either away fighting in the war or fell prey to the opponent’s army. Women performed tasks which were previously done by men only. They even served as soldiers in the army and worked in factories. This was unheard fo prior to the war.



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