Chrissie D’s and Richer Sounds - Sample Essay

Although Linzi got more different type of shoes and the decorations of the shop are better, but Chrissie D’s still get more customers, because the price of their shoes are lot cheaper than Linzi. Comparison Aims Between the two contrasting businesses there is similarities and differences in the aims such as the similarities are that both businesses wants to provide excellent service than their rival and also to make profit as what most businesses would expect to make.

The difference is that Richer Sounds like to reward their staffs for a good work whereas Chrissie D’s don’t have any staffs because the owner is capable of handling the business by himself Objectives It is mainly similar has both business want to sell better quality products and cheaper than their rivals. Ownership He ownership off the two companies is totally different as Chrissie D’s ownership is private limited company and Richer Sounds’ is unlisted public company and I personally prefer to have private limited company because there is no boss of your own and you are in charge of everything

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Activity Entirely different to each other because Richer Sounds’ sells products like all electronical items whereas Chrissie D’s only sells shoes Location Richer Sounds’ location can be know better than Chrissie D’s location as Richer Sounds is located in the main road where people passing through can look at it whereas Chrissie D’s is in a residential area where the people living their will only know about it Improvements to both businesses Richer Sounds Aims and objectives

For their aims and objectives I think that Richer Sounds should try to be know by customers by using many techniques such as advertising on the bill boards Ownership It is good to be unlisted in the public company because shares are not sold and the owner stay the same. Location It would be better for Richer Sounds’ if they continue to purchase commercial properties on the main road and turn it into their shop, which will attract more customers. Activity I think all the items that Richer Sounds’ sell is ok but if they can try they should sell all types of parts for electrical items Chrissie D’s Aims and Objectives

I think Chrissie D’s aims and objectives are alright for a retailer but they should also should aim to be helpful to all customers and try to meet all the needs of their customers Ownership It is good to be private limited company because the owner is the boss and also that it may not need any staff and 1 person can run the business which makes all the profits go to him/her Activity As Chrissie D’s has recently started selling school bags they should also sell school clothes because as it is a residential area every children will need to buy their school clothes and so they can just.



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