China Remains Struggling Colossus - Sample Essay

The World War II was considered to be the largest and most violent armed conflicts in the history of mankind. However, conflicts of the past embarked political, social, and military implications and in a way united people with a common purpose, peace. This has much to teach us, not only about the profession of arms, but also about military preparedness, global strategy, as well as combined operations in the coalition war against fascism. (Clancey, P. , 2007) The Second World War was a conflict between the Allied powers against the Axis Power. It is considered a world wide dilemma.

Seventy nations Armed Forces were empowered by aerial, naval, and ground-based combat. It is said to be one of the, if not the deadliest dilemma in the human history killing over sixty million people (“WWII Nose art Collection,” 2006). Citing some details of the said war would give us the ideas of its post effect to the two countries; Japan returning quickly to its former superpower status leaving behind China which remained struggling during the same period. In 1945-53, World War II has been considered a Global War which involved Europe’s colonial empires in Asia.

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Their own economic and political development by the mid twentieth century happened in the areas outside the Europe. Japan has led the way after the war as its early success inspired others. Communism emerged in 1949. Communists took over China and United States continued its battle in fighting against the spread of its power. In 1949, the Communists remained victorious, and the West found itself confronted by new Communist power that was aided by the Soviet Union. There was conflict between Communist East and Capitalist West and then came the third country, Korea.

Americans and Soviets being victorious partitioned Korea have been occupied by Japan since the early part of the century. United Nations faced the problems as it was founded in 1945 in the hope that such an international organization could help solve the conflicts and safeguard the peace. The bulk of this force consisted of American troops led by General Douglas Mac Arthur. The Korean War had two major results. For one thing, it contained the spread of Communism, but at the cost of a divided Korea and the loss of millions of lives and untold material damage.

There was the strategic firebombing of the Allied Air Forces against Japanese homeland during the last year of the war. It was 1945 when the US dropped atomic bomb in Hiroshima City and another one in Nagasaki. This soon resulted to the defeat which led Japan to surrender on August 15, 1945. The year 1945 marked the victory of China against Japan where the US backed Kuomintang and the Soviet Union backed Communists started the Chinese Civil War. In 1949, Communists declared the People’s Republic of China (“WWII Nose Art Collection,” 2006).

The wide spread of Communism affected Japan where the United States was worried about its further spread and Soviet power into East Asia. Forces of the United States decided to provide help to revive the economic condition of Japan. They thought that the poor and unstable conditions created the ideal conditions for the spread of Communism in the country. This resulted to rapid recovery, prosperity and stability. Japan soon became a strong ally and trading partner for the United States (Butler, C. 2006).

As the result of war, people were displaced, there were prisoners of war and the economies of Europe, Japan and China declined and were destroyed. It was really hard to cope up for countries who were formerly giants. Japan returned quickly to superpower status although the country suffered hardships because too much population and very few resources. Japanese tried to solve the problem by territorial expansion. Part of the recovery was focused on industrial production to help their economy mobilized. Japan soon advanced rapidly in the world of technology (“World War II,” 2007).

Due to it large GDP as well as high economic growth at the time, some commentators in 1980s thought that Japan would become a superpower (“Japan from Superrich to Superpower,” 1998). The very big population and geographic scope of China plus the failure in its dynasty in the concluded World War II made the struggle as compared to Japan. The failed state brought the domestic political and military factions. Chinese focused on a long-term approach to its people and resources to finally recover from the war as they preserved spiritually-oriented life style.

China compared to Japan quickly entered a phase of rapid economic growth through the United States which until today, the Japanese are trying to integrate economic success.

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