Basic Assumptions - Sample Essay

This author presents this paper on what the developments that had been observed in the educational continuum with implemented modifications and their efficacies as well as the movement that will hug the public and private thrusts in reaction to the success or failure of what people had been used to thus far. Pertinent information showing the decade or number of years that allows the legislation and application of relevant research to the formulation of laws that govern the way children and adolescents will be taught shall be considered in the following pages. This paper then attempts to explore the following statements of the problems:

What Curricular changes will we see and why? What and who will influence content? Who will be involved in its development and design? What part will students play in curriculum development in the next 10 years? How will these changes impact student personally? The tug of war between what kind of emphasis and changes that should be implemented in the curriculum and those who will be in power to implement them shall be a permanent fixture a decade from now. However, there will sure be some changes just as many cultural changes or shifts are occurring or will still likely to occur in the immediate years to come.

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America has become the world’s superpower for quite a long time since after the Depression Years. It is able to sustain its position then and now depending on anybody’s viewpoint. If the Religious Right, the Evangelicals or Fundamentalists, were to be asked why America is what it is today in the world’s affairs, they’d readily attribute it to the spiritual dimension: the favor of God is with this country since its pioneering days when the early Christians settled here from England. Among the pioneers are now popularly known as the Puritans (Kizer, 2000).

Who they were, how they lived, what their basic or fundamental beliefs were, and how much they played a part to what America or even the world has become, no one could possibly estimate to its closest description. All we know is the heritage which they passed on to this great country. They played a great role in establishing the first free schooling, first formal education, and first American college, Harvard in Cambridge, and the first to write books for children expressing the distinct difference in communicating with this age level (Kizer, 2000).

These were some of their contributions and they are no small feats if one has to consider their impact to civilization. Much can be said about the reformation that started in England which was successful in their day and the migration to America that further changed the landscape of what this country has since become after they came. After spirituality that they protected and communicated down their descendants and shaped others who came to their influence, the Puritans’ foremost contribution is the intellectual development and progress that marked America.

Religion was the fuel for this intellectual pursuit, and even scientific breakthroughs came about as a result of the Puritans’ emphasis in education. The resulting healthy economy, strong political convictions from the biblical emphasis, and consistent formal learning hallmarked the Puritans and perhaps no other group of people contributed much to the preservation of the American way of life even until today (Kizer, 2000).



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