Attracting readers - Sample Essay

The facts I used were biased against Ray, because I want society to stamp down on men like that. I think that my newspaper was quite successful in attracting readers. I did put pictures in colour that were eye-catching and I used some factual information and statistics that I think, may have surprised and attracted some readers. I really wanted to include alliteration in my title but I just couldn’t think of one. I think that the quality and attention in put into my writing was minimal because of the time-pressure and because of the fact that are other coursework’s from other subjects to complete.

I have no computer at home and had to use the computer at school, which proved to be a great disadvantage, because it reduced the time that I spent on the computer and thus reduced time spent on this coursework and other coursework’s from other subject’s. Unexpectedly, I did enjoy making an article, despite all the hard work and research that I had to put in. At first, I was reluctant, to complete this coursework, finally I gave in to this reluctantly and started doing it. I never thought I could write a 500 word article, amazingly when I put my mind to it, I found that my writing had by far exceeded my expectations.

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The experience I have gained from this article has led me to believe not to become a reporter, and has actually allowed my to fully appreciate the amount of work a reporter has to do, in even more time pressure than me. I then realised that some good has come out of the early deadlines that teachers set us, since this will help us cope in real life, “School is a preparation for life”. Since I myself included many presentational devices in my article, I can fully understand the mechanics behind the presentational devices that professional writers use in newspapers.

I also know what the particular presentational devices are implying to do to the reader. I have learnt a great deal from this piece of coursework from the differences between a tabloid and a broadsheet. Broadsheets will try to make things serious and states facts and statistics. Tabloids usually provide information for entertainment purposes and always try to look at the funny side of things. Tabloids are condensed and smaller than broadsheets so that it is more user friendly and portable.



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