Ascorbic Acid - Sample Essay

When using DCPIP I need to be careful not to inhale the dust when opening the bottle and to wear safety goggles so it doesn’t go in my eyes. Once I have diluted the DCPIP the risks are drastically reduced however I still need to wear goggles and a lab coat. Ascorbic Acid should be treated as an irritant and therefore I should wear goggles and a lab coat when handling it. I am using 5% Ethanoic acid however, it is not above 4 moles and therefore should be treated as an irritant just as DCPIP and Ascorbic Acid are.

My solutions of Iodine will not be greater than 1M so they should be treated as an irritant not harmful and corrosive. I will always wear goggles and lab coats. When handling glassware I should be careful that none of it breaks, if it does I should ensure I do not touch the broken glass and seek help. Method Making up my Standard SolutionsHowever I will also be using Iodine as an indicator to see if it is a better one than DCPIP. DCPIP oxidises very easily and therefore it will take more DCPIP to oxidise vitamin C because it is already oxidizing.

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DCPIP is an oxidizing agent so it will reduce something else e. g. the Ascorbic acid. The amount of ascorbic acid can be determined by a redox titration with a standardised solution of iodine. The iodine is reduced by the ascorbic acid to form iodide. As shown in the other half of this redox equation. 0 -1 Oxidation States From AS Level, I know that all elements oxidation state is 0. Whatever the charge after the element that is their charge. (In this case iodide’s charge is -1).

As we can see from the above equation, elements that are oxidised increase their oxidation state and elements that are reduced decrease their oxidation state that is why the iodine is reduced to iodide. The colourless iodide will be the end point of my Iodine titration. Aim: To investigate the varying vitamin C concentrations in fruit juices Hypothesis: Orange Juice contains the most vitamin c I will investigate whether orange juice contains the most Vitamin C and how I can speed up and slow down the oxidation process of Ascorbic Acid.



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