Army recruitment campaign - Sample Essay

The army to change its racist image called in the marketing company “Saatchi and Saatchi”. The army selected “Saatchi and Saatchi” because of their notoriety for work in changing the image of company’s for the better. “Saatchi and Saatchi” thought that “be the best” would be a good slogan for an army recruitment campaign. In this essay I will be writing about the reason(s) why “Saatchi and Saatchi” thought this would be a good slogan for army recruitment, why the slogan suits the army and the slogans effect on the targeted public.

I will be writing about the set of four posters created by “Saatchi and Saatchi” which will include who the targeted public are and their effect. “Saatchi and Saatchi” also created a poster to recruit ethnic minorities into the army. I will also be writing about this Poster and its effect on the targeted public. The four posters contain four different images. From closer inspection you can see that all the images are connected by the fact that they involve helping people, None of the posters contain images of violence on the army’s part, which is what the publics’ stereotypical view of the army is.

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This shows that the army were trying to change the public’s perception of themselves (violence, gunfire etc). Two of the posters are linked by the fact that they are both images to do with food. One of these contains what looks like to be starving children, which affects the public in a way that would not be the same if there were starving adults in the poster. You get an idea that the children in the poster are starving because of the fact they look malnourished and unhappy, they also holding out containers in a way, which tells you that they want them to be filled with food.

Another thing that links all four posters is the fact that the photos are taken to simulate four different views through the eyes of army members. This works very well as it gives perspective recruits a preview of the things they will see and do when in the army. This way of taking the photo works the best with the poster containing starving children, as we imagine the children are asking us to give them food, which makes us feel that we need to help in some way.

All of the four posters contain a statement, all stating that 17 year olds are “needed” or “wanted” for a certain type of job (all of the statements contain “required”,” wanted” or “needed”(all meaning the same thing, variation is used to make the phrases sound slightly different from each other). The posters use clever symbolism to get the message across. “Wanted 17 year olds into body building” is one of the phrases used, which is accompanied by the starving children image. This is a clever play on words used to encourage perspective recruits to read/view the posters.

The phrase without the image would basically mean 17 year olds into body building (weight-lifting etc. ) are needed. The phrase accompanied by the image means “body-building” in the form of feeding starving people (building bigger body’s). This technique is used in all four posters, which helps to slightly entertain the public when the posters are viewed. The Statements on the posters are used in such a way to make them invitations. For example; “17 year olds needed to work in fast food chain” this statement changes to “please join us to work in fast food chain if your 17”.

This slight form of a subliminal message is very effective, as it doesn’t make the army sound desperate for recruits, e. g. “please join us if your 17 to help some hungry people” does not work as well as “17 year olds needed to work in fast food chain”. Two of the four posters compare themselves to real jobs. One of them states, “17 year olds needed to work in fast food chain” and the other one states, “17 year old body piercers required”. The two jobs mentioned (body piercer and a worker in a fast food chain) are typical jobs that school leavers might go in to.

This creates are comparison between the boring and uneventful jobs school leavers would do and the meaningful and eventful (so called) job of being in the army. So these two posters basically present the choice, a boring and unimportant job or an important and eventful job. The layout of the four posters are all similar. The image fills up around 1/3 of a page and is surrounded by a black background. The black background works well in illuminating the white writing and making the image stand out. The dark background also creates an atmosphere, which is a representation of the atmosphere felt by army members in these four situations.

The main army recruitment slogan “be the best” along with the England flag and the contact number is contained in a small space near the bottom of the poster. It is very important to have these on the posters as they link the posters to other posters made in the past, advertise the main slogan used by the army, advertise country loyalty and give the important contact number to join. It is important for these to be contained in a small space so they do not take the focus away from the main content.



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