Aesthetics and Inner Beauty - Sample Essay

“What Meets the Eyes” by Daniel Akst , goes about in the way of explain the inner beauty of people. It was focused not only of the outside looks but the inner personality and the inner beauty of different people. In the world today we don’t tend to treat people the way we should. We take a look at face value and judge right then and there. This is horrible to know society has grown to not have respect for the inner beauty of people, rather than judge the outer beauty of one another.

It’s an everyday thing when it comes to looks. Judging each other is a daily thing whether you pretty enough ,skinny enough , have the perfect face body , where you go out to eat what you’re eating in front of people and the simply things of what you’re going to wear today. These everyday judging motives also help in many ways that are in the end very wrong. As in going to a job interview, I could not tell you how many times I have been in a job interview and they say your pretty you will get the job.

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I’m not sure if I would take that as a compliment or kind of in a disgusted way, as if they don’t care if I totally don’t know how to do the job but looking pretty I’m okay, and no offence to anyone I tend to find that more of where I had a male boss, then to a female boss. This is totally not the way to look at people in any way; I believe everyone should be an equal opportunity. Everyone is not born to be perfect and the one girl you hire that is pretty might be a total air head where to that girl that not so good looking and not attractive might be a genius and bring in more business.

The way society is I will never change the things we do it just a thing of nature to judge on looks before you actually get the inner beauty of each individual. Along with getting job, I also see it play in the dating world. You try to see the hottest guys with the hottest girls. Most of the time you don’t really see the good looking people try to get to know anymore, they just want the hottest looking model type girl out there. It’s sad to see how society has made these models looking nothing like the everyday real women.

In the end I have always learn from my mother it’s not based on looks , because usually the hot ones are the jerks where the not so hot one treat you like the world. In the end I don’t think society will ever see people for their inner beauty, it’s out job to be judged on the outside, it’s just the way we are programmed. Unfortunately it will go on for years because that just the way it happened. As for my A3 in still in the process of view different topic I’m sort of stuck on what to choose. I will eventually pick a topic by the end of the week.



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