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Identification and analysis

During the mid-1960’s, 3M was conducting a four-year program called ‘Polymers for Adhesives’ and it was then in 1968 that Mr. Silver discovered the formula for the sticky adhesive. Mr Silver, one of the chemists became interested in a new family of polymers developed by Archer Daniels Midland, Inc. (ADM).Read More

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Competitve Environment Evaluation

The purpose of this report is to evaluate the competitive environment of River Island, one of the UK’s leading young fashion retailers. This will be achieved by discussing a variety of factors, for example, legal and social factors that influence its day to day operation. Some factors can are controllableRead More

Competitors’ actions

Distillers Delight was an influential brand in low-proof alcoholic-beverage category which successfully introduced in the US in 1990 and in the UK six years after. The Delight market experienced rocketing development and it helped the corporate reap a fantastic return. However, with an unexpected increase in excise-tax in 2003, theRead More

Model the environment

While some research conceptualizes the environment in terms of a single environmental attribute such as “velocity” (Eisenhardt, 1989) or “complexity” (Gavetti, Levinthal, and Rivkin, 2005), we model the environment as a heterogeneous flow of opportunities flow characterized by four dimensions – velocity, complexity, ambiguity, and unpredictability. We chose these dimensionsRead More

Concept Development Worksheet

In this early stage, you may have very little of the information needed to build a solid business plan or feasibility study. Nonetheless, use your best judgement to answer all of the questions. During the rest of the term, you will be investigating and developing these issues in more depth.Read More



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