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Open source software

I was on a seminar few months back when I used Open Software for the first time. I had heard about the Open Software before though I hadn’t used. This day really was a good day for me. Had I not attended the seminar, I would just go on usingRead More

OMD project management currently do all

Background Information: OMD Project Management is a consultancy that provides construction project management for its clients. OMD Project Management was set up approximately eighteen months ago and has a staff of three. They have access to a large skill base, which may be called upon as required to satisfy projectRead More

My aim is to design a spreadsheet for a teacher

My aim is to design a spreadsheet for a teacher it will contain the following: 1) A list of pupils name, mark and form. 2) Say whether they have passed or failed. 3) Work out their percentage. 4) Say what grade they have got I will produce a spreadsheet thatRead More

Modelling a database

Рis project will contain information on the processing involved in modelling a database for a Garment Manufacturing company. It will also document how to create letter and fax templates that make the work more efficient. The database will hold details about the suppliers, customers and stock etc. The garment style,Read More

Market research and methods of marketing

Marketing is all about promoting a product to potential and existing customers. Sometimes Sales and marketing are lumped together, but they are really quite different functions. Market Research The first thing that needs to be done when a company is contemplating a new product or service is to do someRead More