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Miss Havisham

Although both of Pip’s parents are dead, two important characters in the novel play the roles of shadow parents, mainly the roles of Miss Havisham and Magwitch. Magwitch is an escaped convict which Pip meets in the first chapter of the novel on the misty Kent marshes, and Miss HavishamRead More

Do you agree with this opinion?

  After explaining about Miss Havisham’s and Estella’s wish to see him, Pip suddenly realises how bad a host he has been towards Joe. However, by this time, the damage has been done and Joe says as much when he tells Pip that the two of them should not beRead More

Charles Dickens

Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens, is a novel about a boy named Pip who thinks he has a good life until he is exposed to people of a higher class. As a result Pip, a “common laboring boy,” develops great expectations for himself and begins on a journey to becomeRead More

The Kali Yuga

Outline the significant features of the Caste system (14) B) Comment on the criticisms made on the Caste system (6) The caste system, or caturvarna, as K. K. Klostermaier describes is “religious hierarchy; when people are born into their respective castes on account of the karma that they had accumulatedRead More

The Italian/American

Our group worked on the play text ‘A View from a Bridge’ by Arthur Miller. In this response section I shall focus on the use of explorative strategies used to explain how the use of them enhance my understanding of the play. We had many group discussions on the playRead More