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Short story as a form, in comparison to the novel and poetry

Literature is quite a wide and is always classified into two forms, that is, fictional and non-fictional literature. There are two types of techniques that are applied in literature, the prose and the poetry. Literature that is written in form of poetry will always make emphasis on rhythmic qualities ofRead More

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Shooting an Elephant

“Shooting an Elephant” is one of the major fascinating stories written by George Orwells. In this story, he tries to narrate his past life experiences as a police officer and how he was forced to kill an elephant by Burmese crowd. He explains how he was confronted with a terribleRead More

Shinto Religious Practices

Shinto is a Japanese religious practice characterized by rites and based on the polytheistic idea of Kami. Jinja Shinto is the institutional form while the Jinja Honcho in Tokyo is the administering office for over eight thousand shrines in Japan. The Ise Jingu in Ise which is believed to enshrineRead More

What Is Not an Influencer Marketing

Just before you commit and boo-boo that may lead you off the right track, this is an excellent time to point out that influencer marketing is not only about finding a person with an audience and offering them some sum of money or exposure so they can put in aRead More

Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan

One day sheikh Zayed asked by the journalist: “ when you building this country, why did you give your people free education, health care and free services” Sheikh Zayed answered him: “I gave them free education, accommodation, health care and free services because they are my children. How you cutRead More



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